May 16, 2008

CVS Gift Card

I thought this was funny. This could only happen at CVS. When I went shopping on Wednesday. I walked into CVS with a gift card worth 83 cents. I couldn't even spend it all! Well, I could have but I didn't. I left with a gift card worth 37 cents. I haven't spent ANY money at CVS since the twins had an ear infection in early March and needed antibiotics. I got a $25 "new prescription" gift card that has lasted me until now. I have another $10 gift card I'll start using after this that I got from MyPoints. If I'm careful and keep getting gift cards from MyPoints... I may never pay any money out of pocket at CVS ever again! (If you want to sign up for MyPoints let me or Theresa know...we get extra points if you sign up when we refer you.)

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