June 29, 2008

Updating your email at CVS

Do you all do this every week to get the $/$$ coupon? I've only done it once or twice.


Hey Green Bay Savers - I heard alot about these CRT's on Money Saving Mom but what does the abbreviation stand for - it's driving me crazy? I didn't get any when I stopped at CVS this week but I only bought one thing. Some people on MSM are recording getting a lot of them and good ones too. I've decided after stopping at the Military/Mason St CVS three times and finding almost nothing that it just doesn't make sense to try anymore. I love the store on Velp though :)

June 27, 2008

Walgreens July Easy Saver book

Hi all - just thought I'd let you know that I dropped by Walgreens today after not being in there for about 3 weeks and picked up next months Easy Saver book - if you thought last months was lean - wait til you see this one - only 2 freebies for the whole month!!!! I'm out of sync on my shopping - anyone had any good deals/finds lately? any new places to check out? Vivian

June 17, 2008

Walmart and CVS deals

Last night I went to Walmart to pick up some batteries. While I was there, I remembered I had a few other coupons I could use up. I bought the following:

6 packs of Kotex pads @ $1 ea = $6
1 ream of HP paper @ $3.97
1 Trial size Gillette 2 in 1 @ $0.79
2 Page marker post-it notes @ $0.97 each = $1.94
1 pkg batteries = $5.67

Total before taxes and coupons = $18.37
Less $6 Kotex coupons
Less $3/2 post-it note coupon
Less $1 Gillette 2 in 1
Less $1 Energizer coupon
Less $3 Paper coupon

Total after coupons and taxes = $5.38 . So I could have gone there and just got my batteries and spent $5.67 less $1 coupon, plus tax and just walked out with my batteries. Instead, I got my batteries as well as all this stuff for about as much as I would have paid for just the batteries, even with the $1 coupon.My CVS trip was pretty good as well. I already miss the $/$$ coupons, so had to make due with what I had.

I bought in 2 separate transactions:
3 bottles of Listerine Smart Rinse @ $3.49 each
4 bars of South Beach Diet bars @ $3/2
1 Huggies baby shampoo = $3.49
4 Oral B toothbrushes @ $5.99 each
2 Oral-B Vitializer toothbrushes @ $6.99 each
2 Revlon nail files @ $1.79 (sale B1G1)
1 Reese's Whips candy bar $0.50 each

Total before coupons and taxes: $58.19
Less coupons = $19.89
ECBs used: $38.94
Total on gift card = $2.00

Received $41.45 in ECBs, so even without the $/$$ coupons, I was still able to make some money. Gotta love CVS!!

June 11, 2008

Just for Fun!

Get out your last CVS receipt and see what your totals are...

Here are mine:
YTD Savings: $1482.86
Spring 2008 Spending: $29.12

And that $29.12 includes a $25 gift card (I got for a new Rx) so really my Spring 2008 spending should be: $4.12!!!!!!

Yet another reason to love CVS...

Guess what I got in the mail today. A birthday card. From my favorite store! Inside was a $3 ECB! Man, I love that store!

On a side note, my cousin is a drug rep in Minneapolis and in a recent email this is what she said:
I occasionally read your blog online to keep up on what's going on and all the deals you're getting at CVS! Funny, because of how big CVS has become in the last few years, they pretty much tell us what they are going to pay for our generic drugs!

I better be on the lookout...if CVS (or Google!) ever take over the world...I'm afraid I'll just follow blindly! :)

Whose birthday is next?

June 5, 2008

My Talk with Walgreen District Manager

Last Friday, I asked the manager at the Walgreens (GV) for a copy of their coupon policy. He was not too happy about that request and after a staring contest, told me to call corporate. So I did. I spoke with the district manager. I told her I was more than happy to follow their rules and policies but I would like to know what they are. It is very frustrating to have them change week to week, store to store, manager to manager, cashier to cashier.

ANSWER: Walgreens does not make their corporate policies public. If you are having problems it is a training issue and you should call corporate to complain.

(Shelly says: That doesn't help when you are standing in the store!)

NEXT QUESTION: What is the proper way to use a $10 off $30 Walgreens coupon?

ANSWER: Official policy is you have to spend $30 AFTER coupons to save the $10. All GB area managers will be reminded of this at an upcoming meeting.

(Shelly says: So you have to spend $40...or whatever...to save $10 off your $30...that isn't a good deal!)

NEXT QUESTION: Can you use man. coupon when buying an item you are going to earn RRs on? (I haven't run across this one yet but I guess some cashiers are saying if you use a man. coupon then the RR won't print.)

ANSWER: Yes, but you can't "roll" RR's on the same product.

NEXT QUESTION: Use more than one RR to pay?

ANSWER: No. Must separate the transactions and total must exceed the RR after coupons..

(Shelly says: What a time saver for both me and the cashier! Ha! I think I might have to stop shopping at Walgreens.)

NEXT QUESTION: Coupon for $1 off item that is on sale for 75 cents. Adjust or not?

ANSWER: Yes, they should adjust. Some internet printed coupons cannot be adjusted. Manager may have to call company.

(Shelly says: Don't shop with your kids...it may take awhile!)

NEXT QUESTION: Do you take internet printed coupons? Can they be in B&W?

ANSWER: Yes, unless a warning was issued that a particular coupons was fraudulent. They can be in color or B&W.

I find it very hard to believe a LARGE, NATIONAL company such as Walgreens doesn't have a WRITTEN coupon policy available for customers to reference (if not on their website at least when you request it). I think confusion is part of their strategy. The D.M. told me she thought there were just too many coupons out there making it too complicated. She was longing for the good ol' days of just man. coupons. This conversation was all well and good, but I STILL have no proof to "educate" the cashiers/managers on these policies unless I have something in WRITING. Now if I have an issue and I know the cashier is wrong, the only thing I can do is call corporate when I get home. With my luck...should I put them on speed dial or what?

June 4, 2008

Free Food at Cub Foods

At Cub Foods this week with weekly ad coupons:
Buy 2 gallons of Kemps Select White milk for $2.79 each (not unreasonable) get the following FREE:
1 dozen large eggs
1 64 oz. container orange juice
1 8 oz. spreadable butter
6 ct. english muffins

Seems like a pretty good deal to me! Additionally, there is a separate coupon for a free pound of grapes.

June 2, 2008

New Coupon Source

My mom gave me a sheet of coupons...not sure where she got it...full of General Mills coupons. The sheet said for "more savings visit www.everydaysaver.com" I hadn't seen that site before. Looks like it is powered by Boodle. Anyway, there are some good coupons on there including a $1 off Chex Mix which just happens to be on sale at CVS for $1 this week! Enjoy your free Chex Mix!! I'll add this site to the sidebar...