September 8, 2008

Vocal Point

If you want to sign up for Vocal Point, here is the link for you! They send out coupons monthly for various things. I joined just a few months ago and have gotten Coke coupons and the Kashi coupons. Theresa has been a member a bit longer so maybe she could tell us what other coupons she has received.

If you want to do the Kashi deal (see post below) I just checked MoneySavingMom and it looks like there are Kashi printables. She worked it out to be free cereal with the printables!

Kashi Cereal Deal at Target

Kashi cereals 4 for $11 and get a $5 Target gift card if you buy 4

Use coupons from the Vocal Point mailer if you got them. Get four boxes ($11) and use one $2 off coupon and three $1 off coupons. Get $5 gift card. End price: $1 for four boxes of cereal!!

If you haven't tried any Kashi cereals....Jerry really likes the Go Lean Crunch and I think the Mountain Medley granola is really good!

September 7, 2008

Getting better...

I had heard that the deals would get better after summer...looks like that may be the case. If you haven't checked MoneySavingMom's deal lists yet be sure and do that! She has a big money maker listed for Robitussin at Walgreens using a printable coupon. If you don't use cough medicine you may want to consider getting it anyway and donating it.

Four coupon inserts in today's paper too! Pretty exciting! If you want multiple copies of the Press Gazette they do sell the Sunday paper at Dollar Tree for only $1. Too bad they don't sell the Chicago Tribune. :)

FYI: I did try the Crest Pro-Health Rinse deal at Walgreens and it worked with no problems. This deal lasts all month so you can get as much free mouth rinse as you want! There is a coupon out for 75 cents that makes this a small moneymaker.

September 4, 2008

FUN Shopping Day!

I'm SO excited! I had a GREAT shopping day at Copps & CVS. As you probably know, today is double coupon day at Copps. Since I've been wanting to take a picture of one of my successful shopping trips, I decided to do it today. Unfortunately, my totals weren't .25 or $1, or anything like that, BUT they were good totals for our family and I got really great deals. Here's the scoop (pictures attached):

10 boxes Hamb Helper (sale 10/$10)
10 bags Chex Mix/Bugles (sale 10/$10 + (3) .50/1 coupons)
5 boxes GM Cereal (sale 5/$10 + $1/3 coupon doubled = FINAL 5/$8)
Febreze Starter Kit (sale $7.49 + $5/1 coupon = FINAL $2.49)
2 Tide (sale $8.99ea + $2/1 coupon = FINAL $15.98 for both)
4 El Paso Taco Seasoning (sale .59ea + BOGO free = FINAL $1.77 for 4)
2 El Paso hard shells (sale $1.29ea + $1/2 coupon = FINAL $1.58 for 2)
4 - 12pks Diet Coke (sale 4/$10)
6 jars Prego sauce (sale $1.88ea)
Scott bath tissue (sale $9.99 + $1/1 coupon doubled = FINAL $7.99)
2 Roundy's ice cream (sale $3.88ea)
2 Totino's pizza rolls (sale $2.99ea + (2) .35/1 coupons = FINAL $5.28 for 2)
Huggies mega-pack wipes (sale $5.99 + .50/1 coupon doubled = FINAL $4.99)
Huggies Pull-ups (sale $12.99 + $2/1 coupon = FINAL $10.99)
Oscar Mayer weiners (sale BOGO free = FINAL $2.29 for 2)
7lbs ground beef (sale $1.89/lb = FINAL $13.23)
Chuck roast (sale $2.29/lb = FINAL $9.11)
(2) whole chicken fryers (sale .69/lb = FINAL $6.76 for 2)
Family pak chx breasts (NOT on sale - EEK! $14.80)
(2) Kotex pads (sale 2/$5.50 + (2) $1/1 coupons doubled = FINAL 2/$1.50 - YAY!)
Gillette disposable razors (sale $5.99 + $2/1 coupon = FINAL $3.99)
Gillette shave gel (sale $2.24 + $1/1 coupon = FINAL $1.24)
Nexxus shamp/cond (NOT on sale, but generated $10 coupon - $20.38 for both)
Vidalia onions (NOT on sale - $1.57)
Romaine lettuce (NOT on sale $2.25)
Peanuts (NOT on sale ($3.26)
Butter (sale .98)
(3) Roundy sliced cheese (sale $1.79ea)
20lb container cat litter ($5.79)

FINAL TOTAL w/tax = $206.28
SAVINGS = $108.03 YAYYYYY!!!
PLUS I got a $10 coupon for next time; a $1.25 coupon for Pampers; a $1 coupon for Pampers wipes; AND 100!! bonus box tops for GBACH (+the ones on the boxes - a lot of which have extra bonus box tops + an entry for a chance to win 250,000 box tops)

Pantene deal (3/$9.99 + (2) BOGO coupons for FREE styling aid + $2ECBs)
Pantene Expressions Shamp ($4.50 + $2/1 coupon)
Pantene Expressions Cond ($4.50 + $2/1 coupon)
Suave deal (3/$6 + $2ECBs)
Pampers pull-ups (sale $9.99 + $1/1 coupon)
(2) Dawn (sale .99 + (2) .50/1 coupons)
(2) Colgate (sale 2.99 + $1/1 and .75/1 coupons + $4ECBs)
(2) 4-pk Duracell Power-pix batteries (sale $2.99 ea + (2) .75/1 coupons)
Covergirl powder ($5.49)
Covergirl foundation (sale 50% off for buying powder, so $2.74)
(2) Rubbermaid laundry baskets ($5.99 + (2) $1/1 coupons)
(2) CG Wetslicks gloss ($5.99ea + BOGO free coupon + $5.99ECBs)
(2) birthday cards (NOT on sale, no coupons, but needed - UGH!)
Play cash drawer (yes, I brought the kids with - $4.99)

I was watching the screen while items were being scanned. The total before coupons was $103.??. After coupons . . . . $54.15!!!!! YAYYY!! I know it's not .25 or $1, but still a GREAT deal in my book. If I hadn't needed the b-day cards or had the kids w/ me, it would've been only about $43. PLUS, I have $13.99 in ECBs for next time. Woo-hoo!!

From Anne Tess