October 24, 2008

Chex cereal on sale for 1.66 at Walmart

Hi - I just got back from the WEST SIDE Walmart where I found Chex cereal on sale for 1.66/box. Now, don't go running over there tonight (Friday, Oct 24th) because I bought the last of what was there!!!! I don't know when they restock or how long the sale goes. The cool part was that all of the boxes I bought - only 7 mind you - all had the buy one, get one taco seasoning coupons on them - at Walmart, that means .74 free taco seasoning. I cashed in the other 8 coupons I had for taco seasoning tonight and got 16 packages B1G1 :)))) Total I saved $20 with my coupons. Vivian

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