November 8, 2008

Amazing Coupon Lady!

Don't know if you have read about this gal online or not. It is truly amazing! Makes me want to move to a city that has stores which double or triple coupons all the time. This Mom decided to see if they could live on $800.00 in grocery money for the WHOLE year. The last time I looked, they still had $128.00 left to spend for the year.


(Edited by Shelly to fix the link.)


Ron Jung said...

How embarrassing! My first post and I make a mistake. Sigh.

Here is the actual link for the website:

Sorry gals I messed up your cool blog!

Ron Jung said...

Thanks Shelly! You are SO on top of it!

The Shown Family said...

Don't worry about it Wendy! Keep posting!!

Vivs6kids said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! I will have to check this out but I don't know if I can handle looking - $800 for a whole year????