November 28, 2008

CVS - Black Friday

Hi Friends - So, did some of you go to CVS on Thursday instead of Friday? I didn't really realize that the sales started on Thursday since I was focused on cleaning and having company but both CVS and Walgreens told me they were super busy on Thursday! Well, I didn't get everything on that FREE after ECB sale on the back page but i got a lot of it - I was most disappointed about the Bic Soleil razors with my two $3 off coupons but I did get a raincheck on that one and the Velp store said they expected a truck either later Friday or Saturday. The bottom line was that I made $16. How did everyone else do? I took advantage of a few sales at Walgreens also but I didn't make any money. I did just enter all my receipts for rebates online - almost missing tomorrows deadline! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Vivian


The Shown Family said...

Roz and I went to CVS Thursday about 9am before heading up to grandma's for turkey.

It was the BEST CVS run I have had in a LONG time. It was soooo much FUN!

The red box gave me a $10 off $50...haven't had any $/$$ coupons in a long time. A lovely gift from my favorite store!!

It wasn't as busy as I thought it would be, although the cashier said there were people waiting outside the store before it opened!! :)

They had everything except the Garnier cleansing wipes in stock. Well, actually they didn't have the remote or headphones but they substituted two similar products that the guy actually told me were higher quality. I had coupons for just about everything that I had gotten all ready ahead of time with the sneak peeks.

I did two transactions. Told the cashier to stop at $50 for the first one. Ended up paying $2 on my gift card. Then used some of those ECBs to pay for the next transaction which I got down to $0 exactly (paid $.50 tax). The $10/$50 REALLY helped my profit! I made about $28!!! Walked away with a ton of free stuff and almost $50 in ECBs for next time!

I was so excited I really wanted to blog about it when I got back but we headed right up to my mom's!

Glad you got some good deals too!!

I didn't go to Walgreens but I noticed they had the wrapping paper deal 1 get TWO free.

Vivs6kids said...

Oooooo ---- interesting - having them stop one transaction and using the ECB's for the next one. Do you ever get funny looks doing that? I think I'd feel very self conscious! I haven't had very good coupons from the red box for awhile. I was happy they did have a number of the products still though.

Walgreens has some great Christmas time specials - got the cute cmas gift sacks for 10 cents each with the coupon in flier, plus the wrapping paper and the labels.

I have a daughter who LOVES burning candles in her bedroom - while she is in there mind you - and took advantage of their buy one, get two free on Patriot Candles - they are good size so I got 3/7.99 for a cmas gift - plus a candle warmer which I'm told makes your candles last wayyyyyy longer. That will be her surprise gift - everything else is books this year that she's requested.

Anonymous said...

I headed to CVS on Thursday, too. Felt a bit strange shopping on a holiday, but Ron said it was OK because Thanksgiving is a civil holiday, not a religious one. Guess it is ok if you have your pastor's approval. :)

I didn't get there until around 10am and they were out of a couple of things, but I did great. Spent a few dollars on my gift card and got back about 23 in ECB. The Gatorade was exciting because we are taking a trip to Mississippi at Christmas and it will be a special treat. I never buy stuff like that...unless it is free. :)