December 7, 2009

Free Men's Health Assessment

If the man in your life is due for a check up and you don't have the money to spend on a "well visit" you might want to take advantage of this deal. I saw this in the Green Bay area "Sun" paper that comes in the mail and a quick internet search confirmed the deal.

Bellin Health is offering FREE Men's Health Assessments. The website states the a value of this assessment is $405! Included is various lab work (total cholesterol, glucose, liver function) and a visit with a provider to discuss the results. To schedule call 920-445-7373 or 888-758-7373.

The ad in the Sun said this deal expires 12-31-09. The reference code mentioned is: GBSUN. The Bellin website doesn't mention an expiration date. It does state that it is for "a man over 18 who has not been to a doctor in over 3 years or longer".


Anonymous said...

your ads are sooooooooo old!

GB Savers said...

Thanks Anon, this post IS from 2009! Once a post is out of date I do not remove them. For the most recent posts you can always click the "Home" tab.