May 24, 2010

Free Hot Dogs at Festival

If you printed those $1/2 Bar-S hot dog coupons that I told you about last week then you can get some free hot dogs at Festival! (There was also a $1/2 in some of the RP inserts on 5/16)

GB Savers reader Laura says Bar-S hot dogs are on sale for $.99 and there is a coupon for $1/2 in the red coupon machine at the store. The red box coupons are store coupons so you can use these in conjunction with manufacturer's coupons to "double" your savings and get two packages of hot dogs free!

Even if you don't have the manufacturer's coupon you can still get two packages of hot dogs for $1!!

Thanks Laura for the heads up!


Shelly said...

Unfortunately, this is now a dead deal. The coupons are no longer available in the red box. You can get the hot dogs for $.50 each though with the $1/2 coupon.

ericah78 said...

Red box coupon was still there when I went yesterday. Gone last night?

Shelly said...

I went to the store on Steffens Court (by Menards) on the east side and they didn't have them. Not sure if that makes me happy or sad! :) I guess maybe different store locations have different coupons? Did you have the printables to make them free?