June 3, 2010

Stock Up Watch for June

June is National Dairy month so watch for great deals on various dairy products. You can stock up on some items and freeze them. Even when you can't freeze, you can still incorporate the great deals in your weekly menu! Yogurt in muffins or smoothies, etc.

If you are looking for recipes that include a certain ingredient, check out the recipe search function at All Recipes. You just type in what you have on hand you'll get tons of recipes!

Watch for summer fruits like strawberries, blueberries, peaches, and watermelon to go on sale. Eat them fresh and toss some in the freezer for winter if you find a great deal. Here is a fruit freezing guide (I use the tray method.) Or you might want to give canning a try.

Picnic type items (ketchup, mustard, relish, bbq sauce, hot dogs, etc.) will continue to be on sale pretty much through the 4th of July. Stock up while you can.

Keep an eye out for any clearance sales. If you find any please let us know and we'll post them here! Actually, if you find ANY great deals please share, the more eyes we have looking around Green Bay the better! Spread the word... tell a friend about GB Savers!

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