June 6, 2010

Where is that coupon?

Are you wondering why sometimes you can't find the coupons listed here or on other money saving blogs? Don't worry you probably aren't missing any inserts! There is a "secret" to getting better coupons! Big city papers (in our area this would be the Chicago Tribune or the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) have better and MORE coupons than the Green Bay Press Gazette offers.

The downside to buying these papers are: not every store carries them, they are a bit more expensive, and they do not contain our local store ads so if you want to look at the ads you will still need to get a GBPG.

Coupons are regional and larger markets get better coupons. Even if you buy these big city papers you may occasionally come across a coupon that you didn't get. That's because I use a national database to search for coupons and I have no way of knowing which coupons were in which paper. Believe it or not, I don't even buy a Sunday paper! I get multiple coupon inserts and ads from family members who don't use them. So sometimes I type up my deal lists before I even see what coupons we got!

A couple years ago, one of our GB Savers (Vivian) did a coupon count and this is what she found:

A Smart Source in the GBPG vs. the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had:
Food coupons 8 vs. 14
Household/toiletry coupons 7 vs. 24
Medication/vitamin coupons 2 vs. 10

And the Chicago Tribune vs. the GBPG:
Total coupons: CT = 196 and GBPG = 79

Food - 78 vs. 36
Toiletry - 43 vs. 16
Pharmacy/Meds - 22 vs. 6
MakeUp/Beauty -16 vs. 5
Cleaning - 17 vs. 7
Pet - 11 vs. 0

Click here for more information on where to find coupons.

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