June 30, 2011

Home Depot Kids Workshop 7/2

The Home Depot Kids Workshop for July is the 2nd. Head over to make a coaster set. These workshops are free and no registration is required, just show up between 9am and noon. All Home Depot stores participate in the workshop. Participants are also given a little Home Depot apron just like the employees wear and a pin to show they completed the project.

June 29, 2011

Festival Trip

I printed out my Festival Deals post and got together a pile of coupons to send my wonderful husband to the store for me. He did a great job! Not the best picture to share, some the items are hidden in the back... I was in a hurry because of the melting freezer stuff and I completely forgot to get the Suddenly Salad (there were 6) out of the bag.

Total Before Sales and Coupons = $131.17
Total After = $58.03
55% savings

You'll notice some special treats (aka junk food) for the kids. We don't get Little Debbie snacks or candy bars very often so the kids were pretty excited when they peeked into the bags. We have a pretty full freezer and pantry so this week we just shopped the sales. Since we already have menu planned for this week, most of these items will be made into future meals.

While out shopping an Aldi stop was made as well. That cart was mostly full of produce and gallons of milk. Aldi has strawberries for $.99 per pound, cantaloupe for $.99, and blueberries for $1.29 this week!

Piggly Wiggly Deals 6/29 - 7/5

Lots of good deals at the Pig this week! I LOVE holiday sales!!

Weekly Coupon Items (with $10 purchase, limit 1): 
Ice Mountain Water (12 pk) $2.99
Kingsford Charcoal $5.99
Pepsi Products (12 pk) 4/$8.88 (must buy 4)

Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip $1.99
- $1/1 or $.75/1 (6/19/2011 SS) = $.99

Ground Beef (in 10 lb. tubes) $1.99 per lb. STOCK UP!
**Like lower fat ground beef? Read this!**
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.89 per lb.
PW Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns $.79 or FREE with 2,000 Pig Points

Johnsonville Brats or Italian Sausage (3# box) $6.79
- $.55/1 (4/17/2011 SS) or $1/1 Italian sausage printable
= as low as $5.79

Oscar Mayer Wieners (3# box) $2.88 (limit 2)
- $1/2 (6/19/2011 SS) = $2.38

Sweet Corn $.24
Strawberries (2#) $2.99
Whole Seedless Watermelon $2.99 (limit 2)
Anjou Pears $1.29 per lb.
Jalapeno Peppers $.99 per lb.
Romaine Lettuce $1.29 per lb.

Food Club Sour Cream $.99
Food Club Chunk or Shredded Cheese (8 oz) $1.67
Kraft Singles BOGO at $2.49 ($1.25 each)
Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.33

Dean's Dips $.99 (limit 2)
- $1/2 printable = $.49 each 

Pillsbury Grands Biscuits $1.29
- $1/3 (4/17/2011 SS) = $.96

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $1.99
- $1/2 ( 4/17/2011 SS) = $1.49, plus get $1 Oscar Mayer Wieners

Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls $1.99
- $0.50/2 (4/17/2011 SS) = $1.74, plus get $1 Oscar Mayer Wieners

Reser's Salads, 3 lb. $4.99
- $1/1 printable = $3.99

Powerade $.69 (limit 6)
Dr. Pepper/7-up 2L $.89 (must buy 4)
Minute Maid Punch, Limeade, or Lemonade (64 oz) $.99 or FREE (see below)
CapriSun Drink $1.99

Swiss Tea, gallon $2.29
- $1/2 (5/22/2011 SS) = $1.79

Crystal Light Drink Mix $2.49
- $1/1 (6/12/2011 SS) = $1.49

Frozen Foods
Food Club Tropical or Rainbow Pops $.99
Cool Whip $.99
Orv's Pizza $2
Food Club Ice Cream or Sherbet, 5 qt. pail $4.99

Totinos Pizza Rolls, 40 ct. $2.99
- $.35/1 (4/17/2011 SS) = $2.64

Grocery Items
Doritos or Lay's Chips $1.79
Heinz Ketchup (32 oz) $1.69 (limit 1)
Food Club Mustard $.99
Food Club Ripe Olives $.99
Bush's Baked Beans $1.33 (limit 3)
Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding $.99

Keebler Crackers (Club, Cheez-It, Townhouse, or Grahams) $1.99
- $1/2 Townhouse printable = $1.49

Pringles $1.33
- $1/3 P(6/26/2011 RP) = $1

Chex Mix $.99
- $0.50/2 (6/12/2011 SS) = $.74

Hershey's Bars, 6 ct. $2.99
- $1/2 (6/26/2011 SS) = $2.49

Creamette Pasta $.99
- $1/2 printable (Quick Cook) or
- $0.55/1 Quick Cook (4/10/2011 SS)
= as low as $.44

Sweet Baby Ray's $.89 (limit 2)
- $1/2 (5/22/2011 SS) = $.39

Chi Chi's Salsa $1.99
- $.50/1 or $1/2 (6/12/2011 SS) = $1.49

Kraft Dressing $1.99
- $1/2 (6/19/2011 SS) = $1.49

Claussen Pickles $1.69 (limit 3)
- $1/2 printable = $1.19

Household Items
Mardi Gras Napkins, 250 ct. $1.99
Food Club Paper Plates, 100 ct. $1.49

Purex Liquid Detergent $1.99
- $1/1 (Purex with Zout, if included)  = $.99

Exclusive Facebook Coupon (w/ $10 purchase) this week:
This week the exclusive coupons are only available on Facebook. Larry's Facebook here and Olsen's Facebook here.
  • FREE Minute Maid Punch, Limeade, or Lemonade (64 oz)
Click here for more helpful information about using coupons and shopping at Piggly Wiggly. Remember, Piggly Wiggly stores are independently owned and their ads occasionally don't match up, check your store ad for prices.

Reminder: $2 Marcus Theatres Movie

This week Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 10am you can see Diary of a Wimpy Kid for just $2! Get more details and see the summer schedule here.

755 Willard Drive in Ashwaubenon (920) 497-2430

1000 Kepler Drive (920) 468-6500

June 28, 2011

Deal Post Q & A

What do those letter mean? If you are new to blogs and coupon deals you might be wondering what some of the abbreviations used in the posts mean. Here is a list of some of the abbreviations you might see on this blog or others. The abbreviations I use most often are SS, RP, and P&G. You will see these letters in combination with a date, for example: 6/26/11 SS. This just means the coupon I mentioned can be found in the Smart Source insert from the 6/26/11 newspaper. RP stands for Red Plum insert and P&G stands for Proctor and Gamble insert. These are the coupon inserts you'll find in your Sunday paper.

Why do you list the coupons like that? Because, personally, I don't clip every coupon. I only clip the coupons I know I will use and then save the inserts just in case I run across a deal later. If I need to go clip a coupon later I use this information to find it. You can read more about how I organize my coupons here.

Why can't I find the coupon in my insert? Coupons are regional and I use a national database to search for coupon matchups. So some coupons I mention may not have been in our paper. Why do I bother mentioning them? Lots of coupon shoppers (including myself) get papers from larger metro areas or order coupon inserts online in order to get the best coupons so they will have those coupons available.
How do I get printable coupons? When you see the word "printable" highlighted (or a different color) in a deal post you can click on that word and it will take you to a printable coupon. If you haven't already, you will need to download the coupon printer program. A message will pop up the first time you want to print a coupon, just follow the instructions to install the program. Most coupon printing software allows you to print two of each coupon. Once you reach the limit you will not be able to print any more unless the coupon is "reset". If you are having trouble with your coupon printer try a different internet browser (switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox or vice versa).

The printable coupon you linked isn't there! That drives me crazy too! Sometimes a company puts a limit to the number of coupons they will allow to be printed and it's first come first served. Sometimes you've reached your print limit for that coupon already so it "disappears" from your list but is still available to others. So, unfortunately, it is possible you will run across some that are no longer available.

How do I get more than two printable coupons? If you have more than one computer in your house you are in luck! You can print two per computer. If you don't have two computers you can always ask a friend or family member to print a great coupon for you. Please NEVER photo copy a coupon. That is coupon fraud. Fraudulent coupon use only causes manufacturers and stores to get more strict in what coupons they offer and accept.

Have any other questions? Let me know!

4th of July Fun

Looking for a 4th of July festival, parade, or fireworks display around the Green Bay area? WBAY has a complete listing here! It's even color coded. :) Looks like if you planned it right and are willing to drive, you could see fireworks every day from July 1st to July 5th! If you have been to any of these activities feel free to share your experience.

June 27, 2011

Finding the Deals

The great thing about money saving blogs is a lot of the work is done for you!! So where can you find the best deal blogs? My goal here at GB Savers is to concentrate on local deals. There are lots of blogs that offer deals for nationwide stores (like CVS, Walgreens, Target, etc). I decided awhile back that re-posting the deals and freebies that you can find easily on other sites wasn't going to be the best use of my time or yours!

You also won't find a bunch of posts listing individual coupons to print or freebies. Once in awhile I will post about a really great coupon or freebie but I am going to assume you read at least one national blog and that posting those things here will just be a repeat of something you've already seen elsewhere. The same goes for national stores like CVS and Walgreens. I don't post weekly deals list for them anymore, although I might occasionally highlight a really great deal or share a shopping trip.

Here are some of the national or regional blogs that I highly recommend. Look through a few and see which blogger suits your style best, then follow one them. Almost all great deals end up on both MoneySavingMom and Common Sense With Money. Personally, my favorite is MoneySavingMom... not only does she post great deals she is a great encourager as well.
Beware of blogs that waste your time. You want to find blogs that make it easy for you to read their posts. (Having to click several times to read more than one post is a big pet peeve of mine, so are blogs that don't offer their full RSS feed.) If you follow lots of blogs, you may quickly tire of seeing the same deals over and over.  I sure don't want you to get overwhelmed and give up or miss out on great savings! So choose a few blogs to follow and see how it goes... you can always follow more (or switch) later.

If you have any questions, let me know... I'm happy to help!

June 26, 2011

Festival Deals 6/26 - 7/2

Welcome to those of you new to my Festival Deal lists! I don't list every single sale item because, in my opinion, some "sale" items aren't necessarily good deals. The items you'll find on this list are what I consider to be good prices either because of the sale or a coupon match up. If you see a deal in the ad or in the store that I missed please feel free to leave a comment (or email me) and I'll add it to the post! Read the Festival Shopping Guide here.

GBPG Online only Festival coupon (with $5 purchase): 
Blue Bunny Bomb Pops (12 ct) $.98 - $0.75/1 All You (magazine) June 2011= $.23

Weekly Coupon Items (limit 1 unless otherwise stated):
Hunt's Ketchup $.68 - $0.25/1 printable = $.43
Kemps Sour Cream $.78 - $.50/1 (6/26/11 SS) = $.28
Bush's Baked Beans $.98 (limit 2)
Lay's Chips $1.88 (limit 3)
Flavorite Butter $1.98
Kraft Miracle Whip $1.98 - $1/1 or $.75/1 (6/19/2011 SS) = $.98
Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs $1.24 (must buy 2) - $1/2 printable or (6/19/11 SS) = $.74
Kraft American Singles $1.24 (must buy 2)
Nabisco Snack Crackers $1.99 (must buy 2) - $1/2 (6/19/11 SS) = $1.49 each
Kemps Ice Cream (48 oz) $1.98
Whole Seedless Watermelon $1.98
Roma Pizza $1.48 (limit 10)
Rold Gold Pretzels, Munchies, or Dip $1.88 (limit 3)

Weekly Sale
and Green Sheet Items:
Chicken Drums and Thighs $.98 per lb.
Ground Round $2.88 per lb.
Coke 12 pks. 4/$9.88
Deans Dip $.98 - $1/2 printable = $.48
Wonder Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns $.99
Festival's Fresh Homestyle Buns $1.48
Strawberries $1.48
Bi-Color Sweet Corn $.25
Kemp's Ice Cream Treats $1.98 - $.50/2 (5/22/11 or 6/26/11 SS)
Kraft Cool Whip $.98
Keebler Cookies $1.98
Little Debbie Snacks $1.25
Club Crackers $1.98
Suddenly Salad $.98- $.60/2 printable or $.50/2 printable or (6/5/11 SS) = $.68
French's Mustard $1.49 - $0.30/1 (6/19/2011 SS) = $1.19
Milwaukee Whole Dill $1.79
Vlasic Pickles $2 $0.55/1 printable = $1.45
Hershey's Chocolate Syrup $1.79 - $1/2 (5/22/2011 SS) = $1.29
Kraft Dressing $1.99 - $1/2 (6/19/2011 SS) = $1.49
Swiss Premium Tea $1.99 - $1/2 (5/22/2011 SS) = $1.49
Chinet Plates $2.49 - $1/1printable = $1.49
Green Sheet COUPON Items:
A-1 Steak Sauce $2.99 - $1/1 (6/5/2011 SS) = $1.99
Lawry's Seasoning Salt $1.99
Country Time or Koolaid canister $1.99
Kemps Cottage Cheese (24 oz) $2.49

S'more Deal
Get $2 off with green sheet coupon when you buy one each of:
Kraft Marshmallows $.99
Honey Maid or Ritz Crackers $2.49
Hershey Bar 6 ct. $2.49
=$3.97 plus use $1/3 (5/15/2011 SS) = $2.97 for all three!

Read the shopping guide and coupon policy for Festival Foods here. Please note if you are outside of the GB area a few prices may be different, check your local Festival ad to verify prices.

June 25, 2011


If you have found Green Bay Savers because of the article in the Green Bay Press Gazette... WELCOME! Feel free to click around a little bit. You can easily find grocery store deal lists by clicking on your favorite store in the left side bar.

In addition to grocery deal lists, you will find lots of other helpful information. The past few weeks I've been posting lots of fun (and mostly free!) things to do with your children this summer. Just click on the "Kids" tab above to get to all those posts!

If you have questions or aren't quite sure where to start with using coupons to save money, click the "Savings 101" tab above. If you are wondering about a certain stores coupon policies be sure to click on the "Store Info" tab above.

If you like what you see, there are several ways to keep up with posts from GB Savers:
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Please feel free to share any deals you come across (leave a comment, write on the FB wall, or send me an email). The more deals we share the more money we all can save!

June 22, 2011

Piggly Wiggly Deals 6/22 - 6/28

Sale Items:
Split Chicken Breast $.99 per lb.
Chicken Wings $.99 per lb.
Country Style Pork Ribs $1.89 per lb.
Pork Spare Ribs $1.99 per lb.
Pork Sirloin Roast $2.29 per lb.
Chuck Roast $2.79 per lb.
Klement's Brats (2.5 lb box) $4.99
Peaches $.99 per lb.
Cantaloupe $1.50
Mangoes $.79 each
Crystal Farms $1.49 (limit 3)
Piggly Wiggly Gallon Milk $2.49 or $.99 with 3000 Pig Points
Food Club Cream Cheese $.99
Food Club Premium Ice Cream (48 oz) $1.99
Food Club Whipped Topping $.99
ValuTime Frozen Veggies $.69
Roma Pizza for One $.99
Food Club Baked Beans $.99 (28 oz)
Era Detergent $1.99 (limit 2)
ValuTime Paper Towels (8 pk) $3.99
ValuTime Toilet Paper (12 ct) $3.99
ValuTime Bleach $.99
ValuTime Paper Napkins (200 ct) $1.09
Food Club Facial Tissue $.99
ValuTime Coffee Filters $.99

Butterball Turkey Bacon (6 oz) $.99
- $0.65/1 (5/22/2011 SS) = $.34

Fuze $.99
- $1/2 (4/10/2011 SS) = $.49 each

Vlasic Relish BOGO at $1.79
- $0.55/1 printable = $.35 each

Dannon Activia $1.99
- $1/2 (6/5/2011 RP) = $1.49 each

Pantene Pro-V $2.88
- $3/2 (6/19/2011 SS) = 2 for $2.76 (or $1.38 each)

Kellogg's Deal--Must buy 6, limit 6 $1.49 each
Kellogg's Cereal - $1/2 or $1/3 (5/15 or 6/6  RP) = as low $.99 each
Kellogg's PopTarts - $1/3 (5/15/2011 RP) = $1.16 each
Kellogg's Wafers and Cookies

Exclusive Facebook Coupon (w/ $10 purchase) this week:
This week the exclusive coupons are only available on Facebook. Larry's Facebook here and Olsen's Facebook here.
  • FREE Food Club Baked Beans (28 oz can)
Click here for more helpful information about using coupons and shopping at Piggly Wiggly. Remember, Piggly Wiggly stores are independently owned and their ads occasionally don't match up, check your store ad for prices.

June 21, 2011

Zenni Optical

A few days ago we ordered FIVE pair of prescription glasses for various members of our family for about $100! That included several pair of prescription sunglasses. I posted about our experience with Zenni Optical in 2009, but thought it was worth mentioning again.

GUEST POST by Jerry (Shelly's husband):

As a lifelong eyeglass wearer, I am always on the lookout for a deal on glasses. Zenni Optical is an online only retailer of prescription glasses and general eyewear.  They have complete single vision lenses including frames starting at the incredibly low price of $6.95.

My total cost for new glasses was $25.90 including shipping. I was a little nervous about such low prices.  Would the quality be acceptable?  Would the frames fall apart in shipment? [Now two years later we can confindently say they were definitely worth it! Both the lenses and the frames held up just as well as any other pair of glasses.]

I picked out a pair of glasses that were $8.00.  Zenni does consider certain prescriptions to be extra strength.  The order page on their website will tell you if your prescription is considered extra strength.  These prescriptions have an additional $9.00 charge.  While this more than doubles the $8.00 glasses, $17.00 is still quite an improvement over typical retail prices. The total cost for my glasses was $17.00 and shipping and handling was $4.95.

The other $3.95 came from the purchase of some clip-on sunglass lenses that I added to my order.  Unfortunately, Zenni hasn't yet applied their revolution in eyewear to the area of clip-on lenses.  I think these will have to be put away until I start driving a Cadillac, collecting Social Security, and eating supper at 4:00. So for my $25.90 I got a complete pair of glasses, the clip-ons, a Zenni optical lens cloth, and a space-age looking plastic case.

The frames available at Zenni seemed to be similar to what you would find at most retail eyeglass sellers.  The ordering process requires you to fill out the detailed information from your prescription, so when you see your eye doctor, be sure to get a copy to take home.  There are two pieces of information that you will also need that you don't normally find on your prescription.  The first is the distance between your pupils.  You can measure this at home by following the directions at Zenni's website, or you can ask your eye doctor for this information as this is something they measure during a routine eye exam.  The second item is the size of your frames.  The frames on Zenni are listed by their dimension in millimeters.  I wasn't sure what size frames I needed, so I measured my current frames and could see that they matched many of the frames available on Zenni.

Purchasing glasses online means that you may have to adjust them yourself at home.  I used a guide I found online to help with the adjustment and they fit pretty well. The quality of the lenses doesn't seem to be an issue.  My prescription had a change and I could see things more clearly from the moment I put the new glasses on. So with the exception of the $3.95 I wasted on the ridiculous clip-on sunglasses I am very happy with my Zenni Optical experience.

June 20, 2011

Summer Fun for Kids: Free Educational Websites

Ahhh... summer! Are your kids "bored" yet? My kids know better than to tell me they are bored. If they don't have anything to do... I'll find them something to clean! :) But sometimes they do need a little suggestion of what to do. The following sites are all free and educational. These might come in handy for you, especially on rainy days or really hot afternoons. My boys enjoy them!

  • Starfall--phonics site for preschoolers. Very cute graphics!
  • Arcademic Skill Builders--perfect for elementary level students. The games are not to "babyish" and include mostly math skills but some geography and language arts. If you have two computers in your house, you can play against each other in a private, password protected "room". We play with out of town grandparents while chatting on Skype! The kids love it!
  • Dance Mat Typing--online typing program. Great way to practice or learn from the beginning!
  • State Game-online US map puzzle. If you have a child who just learned or needs to learn where the 50 states are this is a great game. Those New England states get me every time! :)
If you have any other kid friendly, educational sites please share! Don't forget to check out the "Kids" tab above for all the fun (and mostly free) things to do with your children.

June 19, 2011

Best Grocery Prices in Town

My frugal friend Jennifer just published a few posts you might want to read over on her blog called Green Bay Consumer.  She decided to find out the answer to a question every frugal shopper in our area has asked: Which store really has the best prices? Armed with a list of most commonly purchased items she stopped at several stores to compare their every day prices.

In the first part she shares the results of her experiment. Which may or may not surprise you depending on where you shop! In the second part she shares some further helpful observations about the various stores.

Just remember to get THE best prices you should shop the sales at various stores around town and then pick a good, low-cost every day price store to fill in the rest of the items you need. Shopping at only one store (even if they have low everyday prices) will probably not get your grocery bill as low as it could be. Remember, even low price stores have a goal (to make money) and your goal is the opposite (to keep it!). We're at war, especially now with pricing increasing, and you're on the front lines!

June 18, 2011

Summer Fun for Kids: Green Bay Kid's Day

Mark your calendars! June 25, is Kids Day in Green Bay. Wrist bands are available for City of Green Bay residents at Central, East, and Southwest Library branches starting in early June. Available while supplies last.

All Kids’ Day events are provided for FREE, including baseball, movies, inflatable games, music, swimming, bowling, lunch, and rides at Bay Beach. In order to participate each child must have a free wristband. If you don't get to the library to pick up your wristband, they can be picked up at any of these locations.

June 17, 2011

Summer Fun for Kids: Marcus Theatres $2 Movies

Keep it cool with Marcus Theatres this summer! Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 10am from June 21st through August 11th view your favorite family flicks for just $2! (They lowered the price, but popcorn is no longer included.)

755 Willard Drive in Ashwaubenon (920) 497-2430
1000 Kepler Drive (920) 468-6500

Featured Movies:
June 21 -23 -- Rango
June 28 - 30 -- Diary of a Wimpy Kid
July 5 - 7 -- Hop
July 12 - 14 -- Hoodwinked Too
July 19 - 21-- Rio
July 26 - 28-- Judy Moody
August 2 - 4 -- Mr. Popper's Penguins
August 9 - 11 -- Kung Fu Panda 2

Green Bay Bullfrogs and Monkey Joe's Package Deals

You can get a package deal of 10 reserved tickets to any season home game of the Green Bay Bullfrogs for $30 (regular price $60) through the USFamilyGuide.com website. They offer similar deals to the daily deal sites in our area.

In addition to the Bullfrogs deal they have another deal for Monkey Joe's in Appleton. Now through 6/20 you can get 10 day passes for $29 (or only $2.90 per visit or 68% savings).

Free Admission: NEW Zoo on Father's Day

Take Dad to the NEW Zoo for free on Father's Day with this coupon. Don't forget you can also get in free from 6pm - 8 pm on Wednesdays!

June 16, 2011

Woodman's New Coupon Policy

If you shop at Woodman's, head over to my buddy the Green Bay Consumer to get the scoop on their new coupon policy.

While you are there, you might want to follow her site... she has a great post coming up to compare regular prices at several local stores. I think you might be surprised who has the best every day prices! :)

Make It and Take It Craft at JoAnn Stores

This Saturday, June 18th, from 11am to 1pm you can visit JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores to make a bobblehead craft for Dad for Father's Day. The flyer from the Green Bay store (on Oneida) says this activity is at all JoAnn stores and it's FREE. The flyer doesn't mention any registration.

If you have been to a JoAnn's Make It and Take It event leave a comment and let us know how it went? Are they as well organized at the Home Depot Kid's Workshops?

Summer Fun for Kids: Free Lunch

Running now through August 19th, Green Bay is offering free lunches through their "Lunch in the Park" program. For children (18 years and younger) lunches are free. For $2, adults can purchase a lunch to eat as well.

The free lunches are offered at various parks and library branches in Green Bay. For info on the library lunches see the library's summer booklet. The lunches at Central Library will be served at 11am. The Southwest Library branch will have lunch at 11:20am.  To view park locations, meal times, and an example lunch click here. Children must stay on site to eat. You do not need to sign up or apply.

$20 for $10 Old Navy Groupon is Back!

Guess what's back?! The Old Navy Groupon that will get you $20 to spend at Old Navy for only $10! Limit one per person. Valid on purchases of $20 or more in store only. Your Groupon will expire July 30, 2011. Be sure to read the rest of the fine print before you order. It appears if you ordered this the first time around that you can do so again!

Thanks Freebies 4 Mom!

Home Depot Kids Workshop 6/18

There is a special Father's Day Home Depot Kids Workshop June 18th. Head over and make a little tool box for Dad. No registration is required, just show up between 9am and noon. All Home Depot stores participate in the workshop.

June 15, 2011

Piggly Wiggly Deals 6/15- 6/21

In-Ad Coupons (limit 1):
Xtra Laundry Detergent $1.69
Absopure 24 pk. Water Bottles $1.99

Sale Items:
Baby Back Pork Ribs $2.99 per lb.
Food Club Hot Dogs $.99
Red Seedless Grapes $.99 per lb.
Kraft Chunk or Shredded Cheese $2, buy 2 get free Ritz Crackers
Kraft Cheese Singles $1.49 (limit 2)
Food Club Jar Pasta Sauce $.99
Food Club Pasta $.98
Klement's Brats or Sausage (2.5 # box) $4.99
Food Club Ketchup $.99
Food Club Cereal $1.99
Food Club Chewy Snack Bars $1.49
Food Club Crescent or Cinnamon Rolls $1.49
Food Club Frozen Veggies $.89
Open Pit BBQ Sauce $.79
Dannon Yogurt $.50

Cottenelle TP or Viva/Scott Paper Towels $4.99 (limit 4)
- $0.50/1 Cottonelle printable
- $0.50/1 Viva All You June 2011 = $4.49

Betty Crocker Cake Mix $.99, BC Frosting $1.59
- $.75/2 Cake AND Frosting 5/22/2011 SS = $1.83 for both

Kraft Dressing $1.49
- $1/2 Kraft Salad Dressings 6/19/2011 SS = $.99

Palermo's Classics Pizza $1.66
- $1/2 printable = $1.16 

Kraft Miracle Whip or Mayo $3.99 (or $.99 with 4000 Pig Points)
- $0.75/1 (6/19/2011 SS) = $3.24 (or $.24 with points)

General Mills Cereal 3/$6.99, plus get a free gallon of milk coupon
- $1/2 printable
- $1/2 (6/19/2011 SS)

Blue Bunny Ice Cream $3.69
- $0.75/1 All You June 2011 = $2.94

Trix Yogurt $1.99
-  $0.75/2 Yoplait Go-Gurt, Trix, or Splitz Yogurt 6/19/2011 SS
- $.75/2 printable here or here = $1.62 each

Yoplait 32 oz. $1.99
-  $0.50/1 (6/19/2011 SS) = $1.49

Edy's Shakes and Smoothies $1.50
- $1/2 printable = $1

Country Crock or ICBINB $2, plus buy 2 get free loaf of Italian bread
- $0.50/1 Country Crock 5/22/2011 RP = $1.50
- $1/1 Country Crock All You May 2011 = $1

Pringles $1.33
- $1/3 (5/22/2011 RP) = $1

Juicy Juice 64 oz or 6 pk. boxes $2.79
- $0.75/1 printable = $2.04
- $0.55/1 printable = $2.24
- $1/2 printable = $2.29

V8 Fusion $2.49
- $1/2 printable here or $1/2 here = $1.99
if the Fusion + Tea is included, $1/1 here or here = $1.49

Buddig Deli Cuts $3.59
- $1/1 printable = $2.59
Oscar Mayer Lunchables with fruit $3
- $1/1 (5/15/2011 SS) = $2

Exclusive Facebook Coupon (w/ $10 purchase) this week:
This week the exclusive coupons are only available on Facebook. Larry's Facebook here and Olsen's Facebook here.
  • FREE Red Seedless Grapes (1 lb.)
Click here for more helpful information about using coupons and shopping at Piggly Wiggly. Remember, Piggly Wiggly stores are independently owned and their ads occasionally don't match up, check your store ad for prices.

Summer Fun for Kids: Free Admission Neville Museum

Wednesdays are a great day to take advantage of free fun! Last Wednesday I mentioned the NEW Zoo is free Wednesday evenings from 6pm - 8pm. If the weather doesn't cooperate or you're looking for something else to do the Neville Public Museum is also free on Wednesday evenings from 6pm - 8pm throughout the summer!

Copps Coupon Booklet

There is a Copps coupon booklet in today's GB Press-Gazette.  All prices are effective Thursday, June 16 through Saturday, June 25.  All items are a limit of one (1) unless otherwise specified.  NOTE:  Saturday, June 25 is Double Double Daze so you can double up to 10 coupons. Special thanks to Dolly who typed this up for us!
$2.88    Breyers Ice Cream
$1.48    Wish-Bone or Western Dressing    Limit 2
$1.28    Betty Crocker Brownie Mix
$0.98    Clear Value Orange Juice 64 oz.
$0.98    Sunny D 64 oz.
$0.88    Kemps Sour Cream or Dip
$0.78    Roundy's Frozen Lemonade or Limeade Concentrate    Limit 2
$1.98    Quaker Chewy or True Delights Granola Bars
$1.48    Thomas' Original English Muffins
$8.88    Hills Bros., MJB or Chock Full O'Nuts Coffee
BOGO    Donut Holes 9 oz.
$0.98    Butterball Turkey Bacon
2/$5.00    Roundy's Bratwurst or Italian Sausage  Must buy 2
MC $0.50 off WYB 2 Kraft cheese items
MC $1.00 off any one Bertolli Frozen Meal or PF Chang's Home Menu Meals
MC $1.00 off any one Dove Beauty Bar or one Dove Body Wash
MC $1.00 off any one Dove Hair Care product
$0.98    Fresh Express 3-Color Coleslaw
2/$5.00    Marzetti Original Slaw Dressing
2/$4.98    BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella
$2.98/lb.    Steakhouse Potato Salad from the deli
$1.78    Skittles or Starburst Bag Candy
6/$1.98    Nestle Singles Candy    Limit 6
$3.98    Aleve Pain Relief Gelcaps, Caplets or Tablets    Limit 4
$1.98    Kotex 14-24 Ct. Pads, 18 Ct. Tampons, 40-64 Ct. Lightdays or Poise 18-36 Ct. Liners
$2.58    Softsoap or Irish Spring Body Wash or Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap Refill
$2.88    TRESemme Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling products
$7.98    Huggies Jumbo Diapers, Supreme, Overnites, Pure & Natural, Pull-ups or GoodNites
$4.48    Kingsford Matchlight Charcoal
$5.98    Charmin 12 Double Roll Bath Tissue
$5.98    Bounty Paper Towels 8 Rolls

June 14, 2011

Summer Fun for Kids: Free Money from Harbor Credit Union

Harbor Credit Union is offering children a chance to earn FREE money (possibly up to $15) by playing games about financial responsibility on "MoneyIsland". This isn't necessarily just for summer fun since it runs all year round, but 1) I just heard about it and 2) your kids probably have more time for this type of thing in the summer.

This is what the Harbor Credit Unions website says:
"When kids play MoneyIsland, they enter a virtual world that not only makes learning fun, but also tracks and encourages their progress. As they go on quests to fantastic destinations like the Eiffel Tower and Atlantis, they learn real-life principles of financial responsibility."

Once you join MoneyIsland (geared for kids ages 8- 14), you can pick up your real-world passport from Harbor Credit Union to track your progress through the MoneyIsland world. Its 24 pages and 60 colorful stickers match the destinations and gurus you encounter along the way.

The games aren't real, but the rewards are:
"After you complete MoneyIsland by saving Stone Broke…that's when you can really save! That's because real-life rewards are built into MoneyIsland, including your very own savings account. We'll even get you started with a $5 deposit (to new or already existing accounts). Plus everyone gets $5 to spend as they wish and a $5 donation to the school, classroom, or parent teacher organization of their choice. An electronic reward certificate is generated when you finish MoneyIsland. Simply bring that certificate to any Harbor branch to claim your rewards."

Fine Print: Limit one per child per year. Member eligibility required to redeem rewards (see website for member eligibility requirements, but if you live in Brown or a surrounding county you're eligible!). $25 minimum deposit necessary to open a new savings account.

They also have a Money Mission program for kids over 13. It's a 14 week money program and high school seniors can compete for real scholarships.

June 12, 2011

Festival Foods Deals 6/12 - 6/18

GBPG Online only Festival coupon (with $5 purchase): 
Festival 8 ct. Paper Towels $2.99 (limit 1)

Weekly Coupon Items (limit 1 unless otherwise stated):
Crystal Farms Shredded Cheese $.98 (limit 2)
Crystal Farms Cream Cheese $.98 (limit 2)
Flavorite Large Eggs $.68
Banquet Brown & Serve Sausage $.78
Wonder English Muffins $.98
Kemps OJ $.98
Corn King Bacon $1.98
Kool Aid or Country Time Drink Mix $1.48 (limit 2) - $1/2 printable
Pepsi 6 pk bottles $2.98 (limit 4)

Weekly Sale
and Green Sheet Items:
David's Bagels $.99
Crystal Farms Chunk Cheese $1.49
Caprisun Drinks $1.50
Del Monte Pineapple $1.98
Keebler Cookies $1.98
7Up, Dr. Pepper 6 pk. bottles $1.88
Pepsi Products 2L $.99
Eggo Waffles $1.48
Palermo's Classics Pizza $2 - $1/2 printable
Barrel O Fun Pops $1.48
Juicy Juice (64 oz) $1.98 - $0.55/1 printable or $1/2 printable
Kellogg's Cereal $1.99 - $1/3 (6/6/2011 RP)
Dutch Farms Sour Cream $.99
Fresh Kiwi $.33 each
Buddig Lunch Meat $1.98 - $1/1 printable (if Deli Cuts included)  
Green Sheet COUPON Items:
Oreo, Newtons, or Honey Maid $1.98 (must buy 4)
Chi Chi's Salsa $1.78 - $0.50/1 (6/12/2011 SS)
Blue Bunny Ice Cream Pail $4.98 - $0.75/1 All You June 2011
Johnsonville Brats $6.99 - $1/1 here or here

Read the shopping guide and coupon policy for Festival Foods here. Please note if you are outside of the GB area a few prices may be different, check your local Festival ad to verify prices.

June 10, 2011

FREE Admission to De Pere Pools on June 11 & 12

Summer is officially here! Why? Because the pools open this weekend! Of course, they weren't open yet when it was 90 degrees, but hopefully the warm weather took the chill out of the water! I got an email from the City of De Pere Park and Rec Supervisor that mentioned something I was not aware of... both De Pere pools (VFW and Legion) are FREE TO ALL this weekend, June 11-12.

If you go to Legion this summer, keep an eye out for a (very) pregnant lady with five boys (including the cutie above!) and come introduce yourself to me! :)

UPDATE: If you are looking for pool fun in the GB area, be sure to head over to my friend the Green Bay Consumer to read her post about local pools.

Target Deals

Sorry this is a little late in the week. Hopefully you can still take advantage of a couple of these deals:
  • John Frieda Products- Buy 3 get a $5 gift card. Prices start at $5. Buy 3 and use 3 $2/1 coupon printable here, stack with a $3/2 Target coupon. Price varies, but I bought 3 of the $5 ones and ended up paying $6, plus getting a $5 gift card!! Not too shabby.
  • Huggies Jumbo packs ($8.99)- buy 3 get a $5 gift card. There were Huggies coupons in this last weeks paper. If you're lucky you have friends that gave you some extras. Use 3 $2/1 coupons- pay $21 out of pocket, get a $5 gift card- that makes these packs $5.33 each after coupons and gift card.
  • Nivea for Men body wash ($4)- use the $2/1 coupon from Sunday's paper, combined with this $1/1 Target coupon to get it for $1!
  • Nexcare children's bandages ($1-$2)- Use this Target printable to get them for under $1.
Remember, if you choose to do a deal that involves a gift card, check out those items first, pay, and then use the gift card to pay for the rest of your purchases. Happy shopping!

Summer Fun for Kids: Brown County Summer Reading Program

If you haven't guessed already, we are BIG readers are our house! And here's another summer reading program to sign up for!! The Brown County Library Summer Reading Program runs all summer (Kick Off is June 11th). You can download the program information booklet here.

This year's theme is "One World, Many Stories". You can sign up at any library branch. Then you just keep a record of your reading. For every 2 hours of reading you earn prizes. Prizes include: small toys, kid's meal coupons, free admission to the Brown County Fair on August 18th, and a pass to Joannes Aquatic Center.

If you aren't within in walking or biking distance to a library, kids can ride city buses to the library FREE on Wednesdays (6/15 - 8/10) from 9am to 4pm. You just have to show your library card!

Other special events are planned throughout the summer at the various library branches. Be sure to check out the booklet for more information!

June 8, 2011

Piggly Wiggly Deals 6/8 - 6/14

In-Ad Coupons (limit 1):
Philadelphia Cream Cheese $.99 (Limit 3)
Pepsi (24 pk) $4.99 (Must buy 2, limit 2)

Sale Items:
Whole Fryers $.97 per lb. (limit 4)
Fresh Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.29 per lb. (Limit 3) WOW!!!
Whole Pork Loin $1.99 per lb. (limit 2)
Louis Kemp Imitation Crab or Lobster $.99 (limit 4)
Country Style Pork Ribs $1.79 per lb.
Oscar Mayer Lunchables $1
Strawberries (2 lb. pkg) $2.99
Roma Pizza $1.43 (limit 7)
Banquet Frozen Entrees $.83 (limit 12)
Hot Pockets $1.67 (limit 6)
Peaches $1.49 per lb.
Pears $1.49 per lb.
Kool-Aid $.20
Post Cereal $1.99
Oreos or Chips Ahoy (family size) $3.99

Ken's Dressing $1.99
- $1/1 (5/8/2011 SS) = $.99

Oscar Mayer Deli Shaved Lunch Meat  $2.50
- $1/2 (5/15/2011 SS) = $2

Pom Lite $2
- $1/1 (4/3/2011 SS) or $0.50/1 printable = $1

Lipton/Knorr Rice or Pasta Sides $.99
- $0.50/2 (5/22/2011 RP) or $1/3 (5/22/11 RP) =  as low as $.49

Old Orchard Frozen Juice $.99
- $1/4 printable = $.74

Kellogg's PopTarts $1.99
- $1/3 (5/15/2011 RP) = $1.66

Keebler Cookies $1.99
- $1/1 printable (Jumbo Sticks) = $.99

New York Frozen Texas Toast $2.25
- $0.75/1 (5/22/2011 SS) = $1.50

Sweet Baby Ray's $1.49
- $1/2 or $1/3 (5/22/2011 SS) = as low as $.99

Exclusive Facebook Coupon (w/ $10 purchase) this week:
This week the exclusive coupons are only available on Facebook. Larry's Facebook here and Olsen's Facebook here.
  • FREE Old Orchard Frozen Juice
Click here for more helpful information about using coupons and shopping at Piggly Wiggly. Remember, Piggly Wiggly stores are independently owned and their ads occasionally don't match up, check your store ad for prices.

Summer Fun for Kids: Wild Wednesdays at the NEW Zoo

This is just a friendly reminder because I'm sure most of you already know about this! The NEW Zoo offers free admission during the last two hours of operation (6pm - 8pm during the summer) on Wednesdays. It's a great time to get a short visit in. During the summer it's usually cooler in the evening than in the afternoon! To make an evening of it, pack a picnic dinner and eat next to the pond across the street before heading in to see the animals.

June 6, 2011

Summer Fun for Kids: Free Bowling

Looking for something fun to do this summer with your kids? How about some FREE bowling! Kids Bowl Free is offering their summer bowling program again. Kids can bowl two games free every day all summer long (shoe rental not included at most centers). Several Green Bay area bowling alleys are participating:



Each location sets it dates and times. Register directly on the bowling center page (The registration is valid only at the bowling center where you register and cannot be used at any other bowling center. However, you can sign up at more than one, you will just have to use a different email address.)

You can also purchase the family pass. The Family Pass is for adult (and older children) family members. The Family Pass covers up to 4 adult family members, costs $24.95 and includes 2 games per person per day. This one-time payment covers up the adults for the entire summer.

Each Sunday you will receive an email with your coupons for the week. You can log into your account at any time and print them from there as well.

I know several of you did this last year. Leave a comment and share your experience!

Source: KidsBowlFree.com

June 3, 2011

Summer Fun for Kids: GB Press Gazette Reading Program

Here is another Summer Reading Program that your kids can participate in this summer. It's the Super Summer Reader program from the Green Bay Press Gazette newspaper. This program runs now through August 7th.

Submit your Super Summer Reader entries/book reports using the online form along with your name, address, phone number, the school and grade you will attend in September. All entries received by Wednesday of each week will be able to be viewed on the paper website on Sunday.

Throughout the summer, prizes also will be awarded. I have heard that while it says the prizes are chosen by random drawing that each child gets a prize of some kind after each submission. Prizes are mailed, so the address part of the form needs to be filled out.

Prizes provided by: Happy Joes, McDonald's, Marcus Theatres, the NEW Zoo, and many other businesses.

Source: GBPG Website and special thanks to GB Savers Reader Dolly who first told me about this!

Reminder: Mega Swag Bucks Friday

Just a friendly reminder... it's Mega Swag Bucks day. If you search on Fridays there is a greater chance to earn high value Swag Bucks. Pick up a buck for taking the quick "daily poll" or earn a few by watching a video or taking a survey.

If you haven't already joined Swag Bucks... it's an easy way to "earn" gift cards by searching the internet. You'll get 30 Swag Bucks just for signing up. 450 Swag Bucks will get you a $5 Amazon gift certificate (that's my favorite prize!). If you start today you'll earn enough to help you stretch your Christmas budget!

To learn more read: What is Swag Bucks?

June 2, 2011

Home Depot Kids Workshop 6/4

The Home Depot Kids Workshop for June is the 4th. Head over to make a valet organizer for Dad. These workshops are free and no registration is required, just show up between 9am and noon. All Home Depot stores participate in the workshop. Participants are also given a little Home Depot apron just like the employees wear and a pin to show they completed the project.

Groupon Deal: $20 to Spend at Old Navy for $10

Just in case you missed it there is a really hot Groupon right now that will get you $20 to spend at Old Navy for only $10! Limit one per person. Valid on purchases of $20 or more in store only. Your Groupon will expire July 30, 2011. Be sure to read the rest of the fine print before you order.

There is a similar Groupon today for Famous Footwear where you can get $30 to spend for only $15. So if you need some new clothes or shoes... today might be a good Groupon day for you! :)

Summer Fun for Kids: Barnes and Noble Reading Program

It's that time of year again... SUMMER! In the next few weeks I'll be posting some great freebies and programs for the kids. For future reference, all the summer kids freebies and activities can be found under the "Kids" tab!

Barnes and Noble has a great summer reading program. Children in grades 1 through 6 can earn a free book at Barnes and Noble. Our family has taken advantage of this wonderful program for many years. I like to post about it every year as a reminder and for those whose kids might have been to young in years past.

Here's How It Works:
1. Download a reading journal or pick one up at any Barnes & Noble.
2. Read any eight books this summer and record them in the journal.
3. Bring the completed reading journal to a Barnes & Noble store between May 24 and September 6, 2011.
4. Choose a FREE book (from the list on the back of the journal) and take it home! Free books are while supplies last, for best selection get your journal completed early rather than later. Limit one free book per child.

June 1, 2011

Piggly Wiggly Deals 6/1 - 6/7

In-Ad Coupons (limit 1):
Coke Products 2L $.68 (when you buy 4)
Food Club Large Eggs $.68

Sale Items:
Oscar Mayer Bologna $.88 (limit 2)
T-Bone Steak $3.88 per lb.
Pork Roast $1.78
Sunchef Boneless Skinless (3# bag) $4.88 STOCK UP!
Raspberries (6 oz) $1.88
Southern Peaches $.98 per lb.
Fresh Green Beans $.98 per lb.
ERA Liquid Detergent $1.88 (limit 2)
Nabisco Oreos $1.88 or $.88 with 2000 Pig Points (limit 2)
Italian Bread $.88
Henri's Dressing $.88
Kraft Mac and Cheese $.48 (limit 4)
Piggly Wiggly Split Top Bread $.88 (limit 2)
Food Club Shredded Cheese (32 oz) $5.98
Bagels Forever $.98
Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce $.88
Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding $.88
Food Club Brownie Mix $.88
Food Club English Muffins $.88
Powerade $.58 (limit 4)
Orv's Pizza $1.88 (limit 4)
Food Club Bleach $.88
Kleenex Tissue $.88

Blue Bunny Ice Cream $2.88
- $0.75/1 (All You June 2011) or recent insert (date ?) = $2.13

Hunt's Ketchup $.88
- $.25/1 printable =$.63

Ronzoni Smart Taste $.98
- $1/2 printable here or here = $.48

Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta $.98
- $1/2 printable here or here = $.48

Healthy Choice Frozen Entrees $1.88
- $1/2 printable (use code 63829897) = $1.38

Chef Boyardee Pasta $.88
- $.50/3 printable (use code 63829897) = $.71

Renuzit $.98
- $0.55/3 printable = $.80

Fast Fixin Nuggets, Patties, or Strips $5.38
- $1/1 (All You Mar 2011) or printable here = $4.38 

Exclusive Facebook Coupon (w/ $10 purchase) this week:
This week the exclusive coupons are only available on Facebook. Larry's Facebook here and Olsen's Facebook here.
  • FREE Food Club Microwave Popcorn (3 ct)
Click here for more helpful information about using coupons and shopping at Piggly Wiggly. Remember, Piggly Wiggly stores are independently owned and their ads occasionally don't match up, check your store ad for prices.