June 20, 2011

Summer Fun for Kids: Free Educational Websites

Ahhh... summer! Are your kids "bored" yet? My kids know better than to tell me they are bored. If they don't have anything to do... I'll find them something to clean! :) But sometimes they do need a little suggestion of what to do. The following sites are all free and educational. These might come in handy for you, especially on rainy days or really hot afternoons. My boys enjoy them!

  • Starfall--phonics site for preschoolers. Very cute graphics!
  • Arcademic Skill Builders--perfect for elementary level students. The games are not to "babyish" and include mostly math skills but some geography and language arts. If you have two computers in your house, you can play against each other in a private, password protected "room". We play with out of town grandparents while chatting on Skype! The kids love it!
  • Dance Mat Typing--online typing program. Great way to practice or learn from the beginning!
  • State Game-online US map puzzle. If you have a child who just learned or needs to learn where the 50 states are this is a great game. Those New England states get me every time! :)
If you have any other kid friendly, educational sites please share! Don't forget to check out the "Kids" tab above for all the fun (and mostly free) things to do with your children.

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