June 14, 2011

Summer Fun for Kids: Free Money from Harbor Credit Union

Harbor Credit Union is offering children a chance to earn FREE money (possibly up to $15) by playing games about financial responsibility on "MoneyIsland". This isn't necessarily just for summer fun since it runs all year round, but 1) I just heard about it and 2) your kids probably have more time for this type of thing in the summer.

This is what the Harbor Credit Unions website says:
"When kids play MoneyIsland, they enter a virtual world that not only makes learning fun, but also tracks and encourages their progress. As they go on quests to fantastic destinations like the Eiffel Tower and Atlantis, they learn real-life principles of financial responsibility."

Once you join MoneyIsland (geared for kids ages 8- 14), you can pick up your real-world passport from Harbor Credit Union to track your progress through the MoneyIsland world. Its 24 pages and 60 colorful stickers match the destinations and gurus you encounter along the way.

The games aren't real, but the rewards are:
"After you complete MoneyIsland by saving Stone Broke…that's when you can really save! That's because real-life rewards are built into MoneyIsland, including your very own savings account. We'll even get you started with a $5 deposit (to new or already existing accounts). Plus everyone gets $5 to spend as they wish and a $5 donation to the school, classroom, or parent teacher organization of their choice. An electronic reward certificate is generated when you finish MoneyIsland. Simply bring that certificate to any Harbor branch to claim your rewards."

Fine Print: Limit one per child per year. Member eligibility required to redeem rewards (see website for member eligibility requirements, but if you live in Brown or a surrounding county you're eligible!). $25 minimum deposit necessary to open a new savings account.

They also have a Money Mission program for kids over 13. It's a 14 week money program and high school seniors can compete for real scholarships.

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