August 17, 2011

Menards Stock-Up and Save Sale Highlights

In today's Green Bay Press-Gazette, Menards had an ad for their Stock-Up and Save Sale. Here are just a few highlights from it:

$0.98 Hi-Lex Bleach 96 oz. or Ammonia 64 oz.
$0.99 The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner 32 oz.
$1.88 Dawn Dish Soap 29 oz.
$1.97 Mr. Clean Spray Cleaner Multi Surface 32 oz.
Cat Pan Liners Free after $3.50 Mail-In Rebate
Doggie Duty Bags Free after $1.50 Mail-In Rebate
$1.99 6 Pack 1/2 Liter Bottles 7-Up, Diet 7-Up, RC Cola, Diet Rite or A&W Root Beer
4/$3.00 Chef Boyardee canned Ravioli, Beefaroni and other varieties
$0.98 Hamburger Helper Meals
$0.99 Suddenly Salad Pasta Salads
2/$3.00 Pop Tarts
$0.88 Applesnax Applesauce 4-pack
5/$5.00 Good Sense Snacks 4.5-8 oz. assorted variesties (Sunflower seeds, Sesame Oat Bran Sticks, etc.)
2/$1.00 Natural Living Hand Soap 7.5 oz.

Menards does take manufacturer coupons so you can make these items an even better deal with coupons. Again, special thanks to GB Savers reader Dolly for typing this up for us!!

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