March 30, 2008

My Walgreens trip

I also made a Walgreens trip today as well. Very good trip for me. I didn't realize just how good until I got home and figured it all out. Again, I didn't take a picture. Sorry. I need to get in the habit of doing that before putting it all away.

I bought $49.93 + tax worth of products.
Went to the store on Military and used the $3 off $10
Used $27 worth of coupons, including 2 x $5 RR from previous trip
Spent $22.51 OOP, but received $17 in RR for next trip and will receive $7.48 + 10% =$8.22 from the EasySaver Rebate

Basically, they will pay me $2.71 to buy all of these products.

I love CVS!!

I love CVS. This was one of the kind of trips I wish I could do more often.

I actually made 2 transactions. The second one was better than the first, but both good. Sorry, I don't have any pictures.

First transaction:
2 pkgs CVS diapers 2/$12 (I needed some diapers, not necessarily a good deal)
1 Softsoap $4.99

Total = $16.99+tax
Less: $5 off $15 coupon
Less $3 of $10 CVS product coupon
Less $1.50 off Softsoap (coupon found in Chicago Tribune newspaper today)
New total: $7.49+ tax
Used $5 ECB
Total OOP: $2.71 (could have brought it lower, but most of my ECBs were for higher amounts.)
Received $4.99 ECBs back

Transaction 2:
4 Speed Stick deodorants $2/$5 = $10
1 Softsoap = $4.99
Total: $14.99 + tax

Less $5 off $15 coupon
Less 4x$1 Speed Stick deodorant coupons = $4
Less $1 Softsoap coupon (found in Milwaukee Journal paper from Sunday)
Less $4.99 ECB received from first transaction

Total OOP $.28 which was all just tax!!
Received $10.99 ECBs back!!

Total spent for the day = $2.99 for $31.98 worth of products.

March 20, 2008

Free Dino Nuggets

Found this deal on MoneySavingMom. Since I was going to Wal-Mart anyway, I thought I'd give it a try. Looks like at our Super Wal-Mart these are $1 all the time. I only got two, thinking they may not take the printable coupons, since I've had trouble there before. They took the coupons no problem. I'll have to go back and get the other four bags. (I was only able to get 6 coupons to print). Since the boys have chicken nuggets every other Tuesday these will come in handy! I also got some frosting for 33 cents.

March 17, 2008

Cereal deal

Just found this deal...Copps has Kelloggs cereal 5 for $11. If you buy 3-4 boxes you get a $3.00 off coupon, if you buy 5-6 you get a $6.00 coupon and if you buy 7 or more boxes you get a $10 coupon. I think there are some Raisin Bran or Raisin Bran Crunch coupons at but my Copps probably won't take them anyway. Still, even without coupons it would be a pretty good deal. Not quite as good as Piggly Wiggly's deal but close. Works out to be 77 cents a box.

March 13, 2008

Slow Week and bits of info

It has been a slow week for deals but that's good timing for me since I don't have much time these days. I'm going to take a couple weeks off from posting my lists with links. Maybe you could post yours to share with the rest of us? I am still going to shop if there are good deals!

Don't forget it is free Jane makeup week at Walgreens again this week!

I did find this one coupon link that I thought you could use. It is for the Listerine Smart Rinse that is free after rebate at Walgreens this month. Since it is a new product I had a feeling they would put out some coupons. Looks like it will be free after ECBs next week. So make $1 ECB if you have the coupon. Looks like it will be limit 2 and I was able to get two coupons to print. The Venus offer continues next week as well if you haven't been able to get one. My CVS is very well stocked on these right now!

CVS has emailed several of the big coupon deal websites and asked them not to put their coupons on their website anymore. So stay on the up and up when using the CVS coupons! Both Sara and I got $5 off $30 coupons out of the red box this week so they aren't stopping them all together, maybe just trying to control them a bit more. If you still have the $5 off $15 from Wellness360 it is good through the end of March and you should still be able to use those.

My Piggly Wiggly put up a sign this week that they are no longer accepting internet coupons. I am very disappointed about that and will be let them know about it when I have a minute. I really hope this is not a new trend in the area because that would really limit our savings. My informal comparison of coupons in different markets (here and AZ) has shown that we get a bum deal on the coupons in the paper. This last week there were $1 off Garnier Fructis coupons in the AZ paper that we didn't get here. These made the CVS deal items this week free. Nothing we can do about that I guess. Theresa mentioned the Milwaukee paper did have better coupons than ours so if you are buying a paper it might be worth it to buy the Milwaukee paper every once in awhile if you know it's a good coupon week.

That's all I have for now...if you miss my shopping list go check out MoneySavingMom she has great lists and deal ideas. If you don't have anything going on the 27th and 28th we are still looking for more help to load and unload for the move!! :)

March 8, 2008

Great Week!

[Posted this on my blog but thought it would be fun to put it here as well.]

After several trips to both CVS and Walgreens this week this is what I came away with:

12 bottles of shampoo/conditioner
10 bars of soap
3 bottles of mouthwash
3 tubes of toothpaste
4 bags of candy (only 2 are shown in picture)
4 lip balms (only 3 are shown)
3 bottles of vitamins
4 pkgs. razors
1 face moisturizer

When all is said and done (meaning after store rewards and rebates are recieved) I will have paid NOTHING for all of the above. In fact, the stores/companies will have paid me $23.50 (in gift cards, rebates, RRs, and ECBs). This is so FUN!

So how about you guys? Any pictures?

Vivian's trip to the Piggly Wiggly

Hi Ladies - I came home from my trip to Pig very excited today; I bought 14 large boxes of Kelloggs cereal (by going to the regular aisle - instead of the sale aisle to get them) at 50% off - and checked them out in two different transactions and got $20 off my next shopping orders. Now the swell fella that checked me out said after I checked out the first order, "do you want to use this $10 on the second order?" - what a great idea - I said YES. 

They had so many sales at the Pig that I saved $40 plus got $20 more to spend. YAY!!!! 

Think Savings - Vivian

Shopping Chart Anyone?

Dear ladies - have any of you typed up any kind of shopping chart to aid you in your list making - that shows what the price is, if you have cpns, if you get ECB's or RR's or rebates, or whatnot?  Just I find myself frustrated writing it out the way I do and thought "I need a chart"...thanks - Vivian

My CVS Run - March 7th

Hi Again - I don't know how you all keep up with this stuff...anyway, I thought I'd share with you my proceedings :) .  I reallize that I had on my list some items that were not on other peoples(such as Swiffer refills and Tresemme products)  - and when I left I wondered if I need to not buy certain things because I feel like I am stockpiling at the moment....anyway....

I spent $52.60 and got back $29.74 in ECB's.  I had $3.50 in manufacturer's coupons, a CVS rebater from a previous sale, a .99 free CVS candy coupon that came out of the red box, my $4 off $20 internet coupon and $17 in ECB's to use.  Everything I bought was on sale or I had coupons for it. 

I haven't been able to get a Venus razor at either Walgreens or CVS - they are always out, they had no Vit C, no Colgate Total, no Garnier and I couldn't find the Lypsyl.  I took the last 2 out of three toothbrushes on the shelf. 

I keep finding that freebies are often "out" when I go - is the trick to go on Sunday or Monday to avoid this or do they just have such limited quantitiesL?  Vivian

March 7, 2008

My Walgreens 13 minute trip

Hi GB Savers:

Well, the other night on my way somewhere I walked into the Walgreens with only 13 minutes until closing - all of the employees looked at us with a bit of a groan. I had my three oldest children with me. Courtney was ready - "what do you want me to get mom?" and we set out to divide and conquer.  This and that product were out and I was discouraged and we had to ask where things were (in a hurry) because we don't know the store very well.  They made two announcements that the store was closing.  Being that I was armed with information regarding how cashiers handle "us" and the printing of RR's I was on the lookout. I bought something - can't remember at the moment, that had the full value in RR's back plus I had a coupon (so I was making money!).  I have never gotten any RR's so after my transaction I asked if my RR's printed and the cashier said NO and then asked "did you use a coupon?" and I said YES. He said well, that's why you didn't get your RR's. I said "I know that's not right - what's the 800 number to the company". I was rather bold for me but they had already locked the door and the manager was standing there.  The manager gave me the number but then showed me that the RR did print.  I left with a bold and nervewracked feeling in my step!  Vivian - how hopes to use that RR on her next trip and not forget it. 


Venus Embrace at Walgreens

Looks like Walgreens extended the Venus Embrace razor rebate. It is now offer #51 on the online form for March. The Embrace is currently $9.99 and if you use the $4 coupon you'll get it more than free.

I just got my first Walgreens gift card (from last month's rebate) yesterday. I was a bit worried it would take too long and I wouldn't get it before we moved but I checked online and saw it was sent 2-25 and then it came yesterday. (Still took awhile to get from Minnesota to here though!)

Did you know once you have your Walgreens rebate gift card you can just choose to have the new rebate amount added to that same card so you don't have to wait for them to mail another one? I think that is a good idea, especially if you happen to be moving!

March 6, 2008

50% off Kellogg's

Just a note that there is 50% off Kellogg's cereal at the Piggly Wiggly March 7,8 and 9 only with additional coupons towards money for future purchases with x number of boxes purchased. I thought I might have heard about another cereal sale this week but I think it may have been out of our area - if anyone knows of one, please let me know - THANKS! Vivian

New CVS Coupons...again!

According to MoneySavingMom it appears CVS has sent out a new batch of coupons via email. So check your inbox! I did get one but it is $2 of $10 CVS brand. Ugh! I get better ones out of the red scanner box! So I was a little bummed. Plus it is only good through the 8th. These new coupons are not web based like they have been in the past so only the person who received them can use them.

MoneySavingMom also said they pulled the coupon off Wellness360 but if you have them they can still be used through the expiration date. From all this I would guess that CVS is "on to us" and has decided to tighten the control over the coupons that they issue. But that's just a guess.

March 4, 2008


If you have more toiletries than you know what to do with the Brown County Library (Kress in DP for certain, not sure about the others) has a donation box. I am not sure how long the "drive" lasts. So the next time you head to the library throw in a few Colgates!

March 3, 2008

Garnier coupon

The Garnier Nutritioniste that is free after rebate at Walgreens has a $1 off printable at There is another $2 off one but I couldn't get it to print. This one worked for me so I thought I'd pass it along. Also many of the printable coupons you used last month that had print limits reached are reset now since it is a new month. So if you know there is a coupon for something and you thought you reached your print limit at least check before you head to the store!

March 2, 2008

Shelly's Shopping List for Week of 3/2

Well, thanks to the new CVS coupon there are finally some better deals to be had this week. If you started CVSing just recently then you didn't really get to see how much better the deals can be with these! See my other post on how to get your coupon and print several. They can be used each time you go to CVS until they expire. See MoneySavingMom's (link off to the the left) for some money making deal scenarios.


  • Gillette Mach 3 Razor $7.99 get 5 ECBs use coupon from today's paper and get it free
  • Venus Embrace Razor at $9.99 get $6 ECBs free with coupon from today's paper
  • Gillette Fusion Phenom $9.99 get $6 ECBs free with coupon from 2/10 paper
  • Buy $10 worth of Hershey's products get $5 ECBs...Kisses are $.99 and there is a coupon in today's paper for $1.50 off 3 bags and there is also a printable available but I can't remember where I found it! (Anyone else see it?) Theresa added - Yes, but don't remember where either :(
  • Colgate Total $2.99 get $2.99 ECBs more than free with coupon
  • Oral B Cross Action Pro Toothbrush at $4.99 get $4.99 ECBs more than free with coupon from paper
  • LypSyl Lypmoisturizer $2.99 free after you get $2.99 ECBs
  • CVS Brand Vitamin C $2.99 get $2.99 ECBs more than free if you get 5 and use a $3 off $10 CVS brand coupon from you receipt or the red box.
  • Crest Pro Health Night Rinse 250 ml $3.49 free after $3.49 ECBs (Unadvertised) Anyone try this yet? Theresa added: Yes, this does work and it also worked to use the $.75 coupon on a bigger bottle from paper (don't remember which one).

This week is going to be great at Walgreens and for some reason I ended up with 5 sets of coupons from the week of 2/10! Remember at Walgreens you can do the deals repeatedly but you cannot use RRs from the same deal to pay for the next deal if you do it again. Hope that makes sense!

  • Olay bar soap 2/$4 get a $4 RR use two $2 coupons and make a $4 profit!
  • Zest 3 packs 2/$4 get a $4 RR use two $1 coupons and make a $2 profit!
  • Herbal Essence shampoo/conditioner 6 for $20 use two Buy 2 Get 1 coupons so you spend $13.34 and get $12 RR back (That's $1.34 for 6 items!)
  • Garnier Fructis Hair Stylers free after rebate (more than free if you have a coupon)
  • Colgate Total free after rebate (more than free if you have a coupon)
  • Thera Dent Oral Rinse free after rebate
  • Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew free after rebate (more than free if you have a coupon and there is a printable but I can't get it to print)
  • Nature Made Liquid Softgels (various) more than free after coupon in today's paper
  • Boxed Greeting cards-2 for $2 with coupon-good deal if you need assorted cards
  • Dawn dish soap $.99 with coupon, even less if you have a coupon from today's paper
Anyone else see anything I'm missing?

Theresa added: Just as an FYI for everyone. The Walgreens on Military(the new one by Perkins)  is supposed to get some more of that Yes to Carrots Body butter on Wednesday and they told me they are going to try and offer it for $9.99 so you can still get it free after rebate. If I find it and am able to get it for that price, I will let everyone know.

CVS Survey

Just finished my first CVS Advisory Panel survey. I had to answer question about which circular, Walgreens or CVS, I liked best and why. Since many of the questions were opened ended I tried to give some good, honest feedback. Too bad Walgreens won't see my answers as well. I was happy when I got to the end and found out I will be getting $10 ECBs for taking the survey! So if you haven't already be sure and sign up!

March 1, 2008

February Freebies

Just for fun I thought I would keep track of the freebies I got during the month of February. Most of these items came in the mail. This is NOT including items free from Walgreens and CVS.

Campbell's soup at hand (2)
Kids Yoplait Yogurt-6 pk.
Dial Complete handsoap refill bottle
Dunkin Donuts 4 cup coffee sample
Pads-of various brands including a coupon for a free pkg. of Always
TaxCut software
3 reams of paper, 1 box file folders from Office Max
10 jars Gerber baby food
Travel bag including tons of samples and lots of coupons from Colgate-Palmolive
Various other samples: tampons, shampoo, etc
Juicy Juice Sippy Cup
Coffemate (full size)
Comic books (2)
Post-it like notepad

I may be forgetting a few things but you get the idea. I LOVE getting the mail now! It seems I forget that I sign up for stuff and I'm always surprised! I've started using my mom's address for now since I don't know where I will be in 6-8 weeks.

For most of the freebies it was just a quick form to fill out. I obviously put my correct address but I usually leave off my phone number (if possible) and fill in only the minimum amount of information. Just look for the info they really are asking for and don't give them extra. First, this saves time and also keeps some info private. I always use my junk email, just in case, but most big companies do stand by their policy not to share your info. Use one (easy to remember) password for all these company websites and freebies. This makes it much easier to remember if you have to access the sight again. And one last thing I do is adjust my birth date by one except for the year (example: if your birthday is 3-11-68 type it in as 4-12-68) for the most part they just want to know the year anyway. If they ask for the kids birth dates I do the same and when they ask for kids names I just use their initials. I would doubt anyone would want to steal MY identity buy better safe than sorry!

New CVS Coupon

MoneySavingMom tells you how to get a CVS coupon for $5 off $15 here! Be sure and take advantage. She also has several deal ideas if you want to know what to buy to get the most for your ECBs.