March 1, 2008

February Freebies

Just for fun I thought I would keep track of the freebies I got during the month of February. Most of these items came in the mail. This is NOT including items free from Walgreens and CVS.

Campbell's soup at hand (2)
Kids Yoplait Yogurt-6 pk.
Dial Complete handsoap refill bottle
Dunkin Donuts 4 cup coffee sample
Pads-of various brands including a coupon for a free pkg. of Always
TaxCut software
3 reams of paper, 1 box file folders from Office Max
10 jars Gerber baby food
Travel bag including tons of samples and lots of coupons from Colgate-Palmolive
Various other samples: tampons, shampoo, etc
Juicy Juice Sippy Cup
Coffemate (full size)
Comic books (2)
Post-it like notepad

I may be forgetting a few things but you get the idea. I LOVE getting the mail now! It seems I forget that I sign up for stuff and I'm always surprised! I've started using my mom's address for now since I don't know where I will be in 6-8 weeks.

For most of the freebies it was just a quick form to fill out. I obviously put my correct address but I usually leave off my phone number (if possible) and fill in only the minimum amount of information. Just look for the info they really are asking for and don't give them extra. First, this saves time and also keeps some info private. I always use my junk email, just in case, but most big companies do stand by their policy not to share your info. Use one (easy to remember) password for all these company websites and freebies. This makes it much easier to remember if you have to access the sight again. And one last thing I do is adjust my birth date by one except for the year (example: if your birthday is 3-11-68 type it in as 4-12-68) for the most part they just want to know the year anyway. If they ask for the kids birth dates I do the same and when they ask for kids names I just use their initials. I would doubt anyone would want to steal MY identity buy better safe than sorry!

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