March 8, 2008

Great Week!

[Posted this on my blog but thought it would be fun to put it here as well.]

After several trips to both CVS and Walgreens this week this is what I came away with:

12 bottles of shampoo/conditioner
10 bars of soap
3 bottles of mouthwash
3 tubes of toothpaste
4 bags of candy (only 2 are shown in picture)
4 lip balms (only 3 are shown)
3 bottles of vitamins
4 pkgs. razors
1 face moisturizer

When all is said and done (meaning after store rewards and rebates are recieved) I will have paid NOTHING for all of the above. In fact, the stores/companies will have paid me $23.50 (in gift cards, rebates, RRs, and ECBs). This is so FUN!

So how about you guys? Any pictures?

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