March 30, 2008

I love CVS!!

I love CVS. This was one of the kind of trips I wish I could do more often.

I actually made 2 transactions. The second one was better than the first, but both good. Sorry, I don't have any pictures.

First transaction:
2 pkgs CVS diapers 2/$12 (I needed some diapers, not necessarily a good deal)
1 Softsoap $4.99

Total = $16.99+tax
Less: $5 off $15 coupon
Less $3 of $10 CVS product coupon
Less $1.50 off Softsoap (coupon found in Chicago Tribune newspaper today)
New total: $7.49+ tax
Used $5 ECB
Total OOP: $2.71 (could have brought it lower, but most of my ECBs were for higher amounts.)
Received $4.99 ECBs back

Transaction 2:
4 Speed Stick deodorants $2/$5 = $10
1 Softsoap = $4.99
Total: $14.99 + tax

Less $5 off $15 coupon
Less 4x$1 Speed Stick deodorant coupons = $4
Less $1 Softsoap coupon (found in Milwaukee Journal paper from Sunday)
Less $4.99 ECB received from first transaction

Total OOP $.28 which was all just tax!!
Received $10.99 ECBs back!!

Total spent for the day = $2.99 for $31.98 worth of products.

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vivs6kids said...

Good deals Theresa - now I am wondering how you get to the Chicago Tribune and Milwaukee newspapers??