March 8, 2008

My CVS Run - March 7th

Hi Again - I don't know how you all keep up with this stuff...anyway, I thought I'd share with you my proceedings :) .  I reallize that I had on my list some items that were not on other peoples(such as Swiffer refills and Tresemme products)  - and when I left I wondered if I need to not buy certain things because I feel like I am stockpiling at the moment....anyway....

I spent $52.60 and got back $29.74 in ECB's.  I had $3.50 in manufacturer's coupons, a CVS rebater from a previous sale, a .99 free CVS candy coupon that came out of the red box, my $4 off $20 internet coupon and $17 in ECB's to use.  Everything I bought was on sale or I had coupons for it. 

I haven't been able to get a Venus razor at either Walgreens or CVS - they are always out, they had no Vit C, no Colgate Total, no Garnier and I couldn't find the Lypsyl.  I took the last 2 out of three toothbrushes on the shelf. 

I keep finding that freebies are often "out" when I go - is the trick to go on Sunday or Monday to avoid this or do they just have such limited quantitiesL?  Vivian


The Shown Family said...

I haven't figured out the best time to go for my CVS yet. They can tell you what day they get the truck in, but don't go too early or they won't have unloaded it. If I go first thing Sunday morning then they don't even have that weeks sales marked yet!

I did talk with my CVS manager (she knows me now!) and she said for new items like the razor and the toothbrushes they only get a limited quantity and don't have any control over how many. She doesn't even get an item order number (to order more) until the product arrives at the store. I think she said they only got about 20 of the free toothbrushes. She kept one to get the order number and once they are gone (which was fast!) will have to wait for the next shipment.

The free stuff goes first. Even no coupon people like free. Remember you can always ask for a rain check. Sometimes for the weekly deals you have to do that or miss out. For the monthly stuff just keep checking throughout the month when you go. Our CVS has "solved" the problem by limiting the toothpaste and Vit. C to one per visit even though the booklet says limit 5. Which I don't like but whatever.

I can't find the Venus either. Walgreens has extended their offer to get it free after rebate all this month so keep trying.

PS The Lypsyl is by chapstick near the cold medicine at my CVS. I stopped at your CVS on the way home from my Moms and was SHOCKED. It is about twice as big as mine and carries a LOT more items. I was a little lost in there! And they were out of everything I was looking for too! I was there around noon and they had just gotten the truck and were unloading so today might be a good day to go?

Neuser Family said...

I went to CVS today as well, and they were still unloading the truck. I was able to scarf up a Mach3 razor though. I found it sitting in one of the bins waiting to be put out. It was the last one in that box. Maybe if you go later today, they will have everything unloaded. I was able to find on Venus about a week ago, but it the last one they had.

I was able to get 5 more toothpastes at the CVS on Mason street, so I have reached my max on that. They still had quite a bit left too and they don't limit to buying just 1 at a time.

Neither one of the stores had the toothbrushes, Vit. C, or Lypsyl stuff left.