March 7, 2008

My Walgreens 13 minute trip

Hi GB Savers:

Well, the other night on my way somewhere I walked into the Walgreens with only 13 minutes until closing - all of the employees looked at us with a bit of a groan. I had my three oldest children with me. Courtney was ready - "what do you want me to get mom?" and we set out to divide and conquer.  This and that product were out and I was discouraged and we had to ask where things were (in a hurry) because we don't know the store very well.  They made two announcements that the store was closing.  Being that I was armed with information regarding how cashiers handle "us" and the printing of RR's I was on the lookout. I bought something - can't remember at the moment, that had the full value in RR's back plus I had a coupon (so I was making money!).  I have never gotten any RR's so after my transaction I asked if my RR's printed and the cashier said NO and then asked "did you use a coupon?" and I said YES. He said well, that's why you didn't get your RR's. I said "I know that's not right - what's the 800 number to the company". I was rather bold for me but they had already locked the door and the manager was standing there.  The manager gave me the number but then showed me that the RR did print.  I left with a bold and nervewracked feeling in my step!  Vivian - how hopes to use that RR on her next trip and not forget it. 


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The Shown Family said...

Good job Vivian! Don't let them mislead you! Walgreens makes the rules and we "play" by them...if they don't like it too bad! Coupons DO NOT affect whether or not RRs print!!

What I don't understand is Walgreens makes money with every coupon used. They get reimbursed for the value plus some so maybe I'll start reminding these crabby cashiers of that. You'd think we were taking money right out of their personal bank accounts or something! Walgreens seems to be the worse for this and I'm not really sure why. I am so glad you stuck up to them.

I have had cashiers void and redo transactions three times at Walgreens this week AND made a call to their corporate office. The manager of the store I complained about called within an hour after that! So maybe we should start emailing and calling them about these experiences and have them "educate" their employees. Good work!