March 6, 2008

New CVS Coupons...again!

According to MoneySavingMom it appears CVS has sent out a new batch of coupons via email. So check your inbox! I did get one but it is $2 of $10 CVS brand. Ugh! I get better ones out of the red scanner box! So I was a little bummed. Plus it is only good through the 8th. These new coupons are not web based like they have been in the past so only the person who received them can use them.

MoneySavingMom also said they pulled the coupon off Wellness360 but if you have them they can still be used through the expiration date. From all this I would guess that CVS is "on to us" and has decided to tighten the control over the coupons that they issue. But that's just a guess.

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