March 7, 2008

Venus Embrace at Walgreens

Looks like Walgreens extended the Venus Embrace razor rebate. It is now offer #51 on the online form for March. The Embrace is currently $9.99 and if you use the $4 coupon you'll get it more than free.

I just got my first Walgreens gift card (from last month's rebate) yesterday. I was a bit worried it would take too long and I wouldn't get it before we moved but I checked online and saw it was sent 2-25 and then it came yesterday. (Still took awhile to get from Minnesota to here though!)

Did you know once you have your Walgreens rebate gift card you can just choose to have the new rebate amount added to that same card so you don't have to wait for them to mail another one? I think that is a good idea, especially if you happen to be moving!

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