May 15, 2008

Free Yogurt

Cub Foods has Dannon four packs on sale for $1. If you don't mind the Light & Fit kind there are coupons for $1 off. Which means FREE yogurt! If you don't have many of the $1 off coupons or want more than you have coupons my Cub had the red box blinky coupons for $.75 cents off right by the yogurt making them 25 cents. I got SEVEN four packs for $1! We eat a lot of yogurt so I should have gotten even more. The containers are a bit small...perfect for lunch or snack. Pizza rolls and Hamburger Helper are on sale for $1 again too and there were some coupons in recent inserts but it doesn't look like there are any printables out for those right now. I got all this for about $9.

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