May 6, 2008

GB Press Gazette Vs. Milwaukee Sentinel

Hello GB Savers - I just thought I'd way in on this coupon thing.  I have been recently turned down at the Olson's Piggly Wiggly with my internet coupons and was told Woodmans would not accept them either so I got to thinking about Theresa's suggestion of using a big city paper.  Well, I thought I'd give you my comparison from the May 4th Sunday paper:

Smart Source in GB had:

8 - food cpns
7 - household coupons (cleaners, razors, etc)
4 - restaurant cpns
2 - pharmacy cpns (vitamins, etc)

While the MIL Sent had:

14 - food cpns
24 - household cpns (that is NOT a typo)
4 - restaurant cpns
10 - pharmacy cpns

Wow was my response to that.  Also my GB paper had no Red Plum this week and I didn't get a P&G saver book either - but both were in the Mil Sent paper. 

Did you GB savers get a P&G in your GB Press paper this week? What do we do if we are jipped one?   Curious....


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