May 13, 2008

Last Week's Walgreens

I've been meaning to post this Walgreens run since Friday. This weekend was super busy I didn't have time until now. Last week was great week for Walgreens IF (and that's a BIG if) you could find a Walgreens that had items in stock. Last Tuesday, I went to 4 Walgreens in one day and ALL of them were out of the items I was looking for!

Here's what I got:
3 Casacade @ $2.50 each
2 Mr. Clean @ $2.50 each
4 Crest Pro-Health Night @ $2.50 each
1 Venus @ $9.99 each
1 Zantac @ $3.99 each
2 Snickers @ $.50 each (sustenance for the GBAMOM resale!)

I used the Easy Saver coupon ($3 off 2) for the Crest and $13.49 in manuf. coupons. I paid $20.06 out of pocket since I had already used my gift card for the monthly freebies. BUT I got back $29 in Register Rewards. So they paid me $8.94 to buy this! I could have made even more if they had the products I wanted! (I had coupons for more toothpaste and better coupons for the Action Pack Cascade.) I did do the deal twice last week to get more Cascade. So right now I have over $50 in RRs to spend. I would have more but I did use some of the Venus/Zantac RRs to pay for the next deal. Looks like there aren't any really great deals at Walgreens this week so I'll have to figure out something to buy before these RRs expire.

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