May 29, 2008

Why I LOVE Getting the Mail!

Here is what I got in the mail today! I love getting the mail...I never know what I'll find in there! I finally got my Sambucol rebate. And just like I had heard it was indeed a hand written check! No wonder it took so long to get here. Have you gotten yours? Mine was delayed a bit since it was forwarded to the new address from the old. I was a bit worried about not getting it at all for that reason! Even Jer has been surprised at how many rebate checks have been arriving in the mail lately.
Here is what I got:
  • 2 travel tubes and a booklet of coupons from Aquafresh (I called with a defective product complaint--when I got a travel size tube freebie with a coupon from CVS was not sealed right and had the bottom completely open!)
  • a $12.99 check from Sambucol
  • a coupon for a free bag of dog food
  • a coupon for a free bag of cat food (I'll give this to my sister)
  • a free baby bottle (I'll give this to my sister too!)
  • deodorant sample (Roz already claimed for her gym locker)
  • two coupons for a free chicken sandwich from McDonald's (a nice, unexpected surprise in with my Amazon order!)
Not everyday is as a good as this but I have been getting some great stuff lately. If you want some free stuff in your mailbox...the best place I have found for freebies is Freebies4Mom.

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Neuser Family said...

I sure hope I get my Sambucol rebate soon. I am waiting for that one and Just for Men rebates.