July 3, 2008

Free Diapers at Walgreens

I just tried this and it really worked! If you need diapers or pull ups (store brand) head on over to Walgreens.

First, stop by the pharmacy and ask for the red coupon pamphlet (it says: $50 in Great Savings a "Thank You" gift from Walgreens). Then head over to the diaper aisle and get 3 packages of Walgreens brand diapers or pull ups that are on sale for $5.99 (reg. price $7.99). When you check out give them the coupon out of the red pamphlet first ($2 off) and then the coupon for $5 off two (really $2.50 of each) from the July Easy Saver booklet (page 17). Your total will be $5.13 and you will get a $5 register reward for buying 3 packages (see page 27 of ES booklet)!

Ask for the $2 coupon back and do it again! This deal is good all month but the diapers are only on sale for $5.99 until Saturday (6/5). After that you can still do the deal but you will be paying $5.47 for the 3 packages. But $1.82 still isn't bad for a pack of diapers or pullups!!!

*Note: for some reason my $2 coupon beeped when I tried to get the "premium" diapers in the red package but I had no trouble at all with the regular (white) package. So watch the cashier!

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