July 20, 2008

No Walgreens and No Red Plum

Hi Ladies - I was missing a Walgreens ad, Shopko and Red Plum coupons - maybe more? Advice - Vviian


The Shown Family said...

I didn't get a Red Plum either. Was there one for yesterday? Theresa?

If you get shorted on coupons or ads though I would go to the store where you bought the paper and request the items you missed. [If the paper was delivered call the GBPG office like you would if you didn't get a paper at all.]

Even if you do this Monday am they should still be able to help you out. I did that once when I bought a CT at Piggly Wiggly...they had no problem with it.

Neuser Family said...

There was no Red Plum coupons this week.