July 16, 2008

Questions, Questions.....

To My saving friends - hmmmm....I just spent two hours doing the following - taking out every ad in my big coupon organizer and looking for coupons that were listed in Moneysaving mom and from my own desires to shop at Walgreens, CVS and Walmart this week; plus throwing away a big pile of expired coupons and then cutting coupons out for above said places plus many of my food coupons. I stopped short of filing all of my cut coupons - Yikes! Now - to my questions...

1. do you cut out your grocery store coupons each week to put in your smaller file so that you can take it into any given store and actually use them? (if they stay in the big one I find I just don't use them up before they expire)
2. Do we get the "All You" magazine that is mentioned on MSM and when or how?
3. Does any store in our area sell Egglands Best Eggs?
4. I'm noticing long lists of "sale" items on MSM for Walmart - where do these come from? I get an occasional flier in the mail or even the paper once in awhile but since Walmart touts itself as a non-sale type of store that just offers the lowest price, I'm surprised by these long lists...anyone have any insights on the whole Walmart thing? Do you shop at Walmart and use this type of saving list?
5. Are our local walmarts still taking Internet coupons? I got out of the practice of even trying to do IC's because it seemed like almost no one in GB was taking them.
6. Did anyone find the $5.00 off 1 coupon mentioned on MSM for the Schick razors 10 pack - I checked everything I had and couldn't find it? I also never found the $1.50 off Colgates - the only ones I had were expired. I didn't think Walgreens would go for that!
7. Anyone been to Walmart this week to check out school sales? I wanted to know if they were really terrific as someone online said - the lady at Shopko told me next week is their big kick off week so sales should be good.
8. And just because it is soooo helpful to me - if you find any deals in CVS or Walgreens that don't come up on MSM, can you post them here? Once in a while I decide to persue an ad and then find a coupon for it and wonder "what constitutes the "best deals"? in order to be included b/c sometimes I'm surprised some things are not...but I can't read the 50 plus posts that are all listed after her ad lists each week - think about it, it took me TWO hours just to go through coupons tonight - that is 2 hours I wasn't scrapbooking, cleaning, sleeping, etc. UGH!!!!

That's all for now - I'm sure I will come up with more. THANKS for helping me save money :)


Neuser Family said...

HI Viv

Here are some answers to your questions.

1. I don't usually cut out the coupons in the weekly ad circulars unless I know for sure I am going to use them. I do cut out the majority of all coupons out of the weekly coupon circulars though because I never know what I might find a good deal on.

2. I get the All You magazine delivered to me. I don't recall the website that I found a really awesome deal on. You can also buy the magazine for $1.77 from Walmart. It is available by the checkouts.

3. I haven't found the Egglands best eggs, I don't think, but I haven't looked for them either.

4. The Walmart sale items come from people all over the place. I have found that some of the deals are valid, some are actually cheaper in our stores than posted, and some are worse. I think sometimes what happens is that deals will get posted, but are really roll back prices, so they are only valid for a limited amount of time. A lot of times what I will do is if I'm planning on making a trip to Walmart, I will write down the items I'm interested in, the prices that were listed and any coupons that might be usable. Then when I go to the store, I can see if our store has as good of a deal as what was posted.

5. Yes, I have used IC at Walmart without any problems.

6. No, I have not found that $5 coupon, but if you have been buying the CT paper, you should have $2 off coupons, plus in last Sunday's paper, there was a B1G1 coupon, so if you combined these 2 coupons with the Walgreen's EasySaver coupon, you will get 2 packages for FREE!! The $1.50 off colgate coupons are coming from the All You magazine or you can print some as well.

7. Have not been to Walmart.

Vivs6kids said...

Thanks Teresa!!!!! Vivian