November 30, 2008

Double Coupons at Kmart

Kmart is having their double coupons again this week! Same rules as last time. Coupons up to $2 will be doubled. Limit of 75 coupons per person.

If you get any great deals...please share them!!

November 29, 2008

Holiday Weekend

It's a holiday weekend...

REMINDER: NO coupons on holiday weekends!

Theresa told me there will at least be a P&G insert but that is it. So buy a GBPG and skip the CT and MJS this week!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


November 28, 2008

My Pillsbury Deal :)

So...last week at the Pig they had the Pillsbury Pie Crusts on sale for 1.49 - their regular price is $2.99 - so they were half off. Let me stop here and tell you that I never use them to make real pies because I make my own pie crusts but I got a terrific recipe years ago to make homemade Chicken Pot Pie - which I always make two whole pies with tops - so I need a total of 2 boxes for each "meal" that I make - although we get two nights of dinner out of them for now!
Okay - so I go to the Pig to buy some 1.49 pie crusts and what do I realize but that they all have peelie coupons attached - 1/2 of the coupons were for refrigerated cookie dough but the other 1/2 were guessed it...$1.00 off 2 pie crusts - then the Pig had a deal if you bought ANY 5 Pillsbury items you got a free butter (on sale this week for $1.69) - sooooooo.....
I bought 12 boxes of pie crusts for $1.00/box.
I have 6 more coupons, good til April, for more pie crusts.
I did two transactions and got 2 free butters.
I have until the end of January to use up my 12 boxes so we will have chicken pot pie (or turkey) every other week til they are gone!
YEAH! Vivian

CVS - Black Friday

Hi Friends - So, did some of you go to CVS on Thursday instead of Friday? I didn't really realize that the sales started on Thursday since I was focused on cleaning and having company but both CVS and Walgreens told me they were super busy on Thursday! Well, I didn't get everything on that FREE after ECB sale on the back page but i got a lot of it - I was most disappointed about the Bic Soleil razors with my two $3 off coupons but I did get a raincheck on that one and the Velp store said they expected a truck either later Friday or Saturday. The bottom line was that I made $16. How did everyone else do? I took advantage of a few sales at Walgreens also but I didn't make any money. I did just enter all my receipts for rebates online - almost missing tomorrows deadline! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Vivian

November 24, 2008

CVS Black Friday Deals

CVS will be having a TON of free after ECB items this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It looks like these deals will be available starting Thursday. So get your coupons ready...because you can make over $20 profit!

Here is a link with a sneak peek at the deals and where to find the coupons! I'm not normally a Black Friday shopper...but I think this year I'll make an exception and head over to my favorite store!!

November 14, 2008

Piggly Wiggly Deals through Tuesday

Just wanted to share that Piggly Wiggly has some good deals this week - Nestle's Chocolate Chips are $1.69 and there are lots of coupons for them in the past few weeks. They have turkeys for .48/lb, sugar and eggs for cheap - can't remember - all with a $25 purchase. I'd tell you the others I thought were great except I lost my ad - you can find it online if you don't have one!!!

Friday Night Deals

Friday night has become my deal shopping night. I go to CVS first and then down the hill to Walgreens. Sometimes they are low on items but most of the time I do okay. Walgreens gets a truck Thursday and I think both stores are trying to have items stocked for Saturday.

I did two transactions paying $23.99 in ECBs and $3.61 with a gift card. I got back $27.57 in ECBs so I broke even, well...okay I made 3 cents. It's hard to "make money" without the CVS $/$$ coupons. I didn't take a picture but here is what I got:
$20 worth of chocolate :) 6 bags Hershey's Bliss and 1 bag Kisses
3 Palmolive dish soap
1 Garnier hairspray
1 Listerine Agent
1 Vitamin Water
2 Crest Pro-Health
1 Kotex

I didn't make money here either but I got several items for cheaper than I would have paid elsewhere. Sometimes I don't take advantage of the $5 off $20 coupons but this week I was able too! I took a picture for you:
6 rolls of Hallmark wrapping paper (Buy 1 get 2 free)=$.66 each
3 packs of bow (Buy 1 get 2 free)=$.33 each
3 packs of tissue paper (Buy 1 get 2 free)=$.33 each
3 packs of tags (Buy 1 get 2 free)=$.33 each
5 pencils with toppers (shhhh.....stockings!)
6 coloring books (stockings-Roz gets one too!)
4 instant pudding boxes
1 Almay mascara
1 Quattro razor/trimmer
1 mini-Martinellis (Roz stocking)
2 Reach toothbrushes
3 Smucker jams
4 Kellogg's cereals
10 lb. of sugar

I paid $27.55 on my gift card. Got a $2 RR and will get back $7.69 for the mascara rebate. For a real total of $17.86. I thought the wrapping supplies were a really great deal. I usually go to the dollar store for wrapping paper but $.66 is even better! I got several little stocking stuffer type items too. The food alone would have cost that much at the grocery store. I might go to a different store for the peanut butter and frosting (they were out) if I have time tomorrow. Jif is 3 for $5 and I have several $.55 coupons. Not a stock up price but decent. Frosting is $.99 and I have $.55 coupons. Cake anyone? :)

November 8, 2008

Amazing Coupon Lady!

Don't know if you have read about this gal online or not. It is truly amazing! Makes me want to move to a city that has stores which double or triple coupons all the time. This Mom decided to see if they could live on $800.00 in grocery money for the WHOLE year. The last time I looked, they still had $128.00 left to spend for the year.


(Edited by Shelly to fix the link.)

November 7, 2008


The Festival ad is now on the back of the free "Green Bay Sun" newspaper that comes in the mail. I was glad to see it since I don't always get that section from my coupon sharing family. Even when I got the paper I often forgot to look at their ad.

Anyway, the ad is for NEXT week (Nov. 9 thru Nov. 15) and they are having their annual 50% off McCormick spices and extracts sale. Stock up now to last you until next years sale! I don't buy most of my dry spices during this sale since I use the generic $1 jars or buy in bulk. However, there are several items that I do stock up on at this once a year sale: clear vanilla (best for really white cake/cookie frosting), maple extract (for homemade maple syrup-much cheaper than store bought!), and various other extracts (lemon, almond, etc.)

They also have several good deals with coupons like 48 cent baby carrots and 88 cent eggs. Also on sale are canned Del Monte veggies 48 cents (limit 10) and Hormel bacon $1.88. I don't remember...have we gotten coupons for these items lately? I'll have to check. That would make these deals even better.

If you need help organizing all the canned goods that are on sale this time of year. Check out this handy, make yourself can storage. I made one. It was a bit challenging to put together...kind of like a puzzle. But it worked nicely, holds 12 cans, and best of all it rotates the cans for you. (I'm bad about beans from 2006 anyone?)

P.S. A little bird told me boneless, skinless chicken breasts are on sale for my stock up price of $1.67 a pound at Piggly Wiggly through Tuesday. Thanks little birdie!! :)

November 5, 2008

Freebies and Coupons

If you haven't been taking advantage of freebies lately you're missing out! Heather over at Freebies4Mom has a great blog full of freebies. She only lists the best freebies that are truly free; not the ones where you have to jump through hoops or take advantage of "special offers".

In addition to getting a free product, lots of freebies come with a high value coupon. I have found Walmart has great freebies. They are mailed right to your door. I'm sure my mail lady loves delivering to my mailbox!

The link to Freebies 4 Mom has been in the sidebar for a long time but I thought I'd mention it again so you can start to get excited about opening your mail box each day too!

November 4, 2008

Helpful Coupon Definitions and Abbreviations

  • Catalina - coupon that comes out of machine at checkout
  • CRT- cash register tape or receipt
  • Double Daze - the days Copps let you double 5 coupons with $25 purchase
  • Double Double Daze - the days Copps let you double 10 coupons with $25 purchase
  • DND - Do not double
  • ECB - Extra Care Buck(s), the name of the instant rebate that print with your receipt from CVS, use it like a gift card to pay for another purchase
  • FAC - Free after coupon
  • FAR - Free after rebate
  • GM - General Mills
  • Insert - Booklet of coupons found in the Sunday newspaper
  • IP - Internet printable
  • IVC - Instant value coupon, Walgreens monthly coupon found in their monthly booklet.
  • MC or MQ - Manufacturer Coupon
  • MIR - Mail in rebate
  • MM - Money Maker, a deal where after coupon or rebate you get overage
  • OOP - Out of pocket
  • Overage - item costs less than coupon value but the whole amount comes off your total
  • OYNO - on your next order
  • PG or P&G - Proctor & Gamble Sunday insert coupon
  • Printable - a coupon that you print from the internet
  • PSA - prices starting at
  • RC - raincheck
  • Rebate - mail in offer that refunds your money when you purchase a specific item
  • RP - Red Plum Sunday supplement coupons
  • RR - Register Reward, the name of the instant rebate or Catalina that prints from Walgreens, use it like a gift card to pay for another purchase
  • SMP - Specially marked packages
  • SS - Smart Source
  • Stacking - using more than one coupon per item
  • TMF - Try me free, a form that you mail in to receive full purchase price back
  • WYB - When you buy
  • YMMV - Your mileage may vary - the success of the attempt may vary