November 7, 2008


The Festival ad is now on the back of the free "Green Bay Sun" newspaper that comes in the mail. I was glad to see it since I don't always get that section from my coupon sharing family. Even when I got the paper I often forgot to look at their ad.

Anyway, the ad is for NEXT week (Nov. 9 thru Nov. 15) and they are having their annual 50% off McCormick spices and extracts sale. Stock up now to last you until next years sale! I don't buy most of my dry spices during this sale since I use the generic $1 jars or buy in bulk. However, there are several items that I do stock up on at this once a year sale: clear vanilla (best for really white cake/cookie frosting), maple extract (for homemade maple syrup-much cheaper than store bought!), and various other extracts (lemon, almond, etc.)

They also have several good deals with coupons like 48 cent baby carrots and 88 cent eggs. Also on sale are canned Del Monte veggies 48 cents (limit 10) and Hormel bacon $1.88. I don't remember...have we gotten coupons for these items lately? I'll have to check. That would make these deals even better.

If you need help organizing all the canned goods that are on sale this time of year. Check out this handy, make yourself can storage. I made one. It was a bit challenging to put together...kind of like a puzzle. But it worked nicely, holds 12 cans, and best of all it rotates the cans for you. (I'm bad about beans from 2006 anyone?)

P.S. A little bird told me boneless, skinless chicken breasts are on sale for my stock up price of $1.67 a pound at Piggly Wiggly through Tuesday. Thanks little birdie!! :)


Ron Jung said...

We don't get the green bay saver. Have you seen it around town anywhere?

Vivs6kids said...

You don't get the Green Bay SUN delivered free to your mailbox each week?????? That's odd - I thought everyone got it - if you don't get it - I wonder if you can get it free by requesting it since no one seems to be paying for it. Maybe that info is on our SUN Shelly - I'm not sure I have this weeks yet, need to check.