November 4, 2008

Helpful Coupon Definitions and Abbreviations

  • Catalina - coupon that comes out of machine at checkout
  • CRT- cash register tape or receipt
  • Double Daze - the days Copps let you double 5 coupons with $25 purchase
  • Double Double Daze - the days Copps let you double 10 coupons with $25 purchase
  • DND - Do not double
  • ECB - Extra Care Buck(s), the name of the instant rebate that print with your receipt from CVS, use it like a gift card to pay for another purchase
  • FAC - Free after coupon
  • FAR - Free after rebate
  • GM - General Mills
  • Insert - Booklet of coupons found in the Sunday newspaper
  • IP - Internet printable
  • IVC - Instant value coupon, Walgreens monthly coupon found in their monthly booklet.
  • MC or MQ - Manufacturer Coupon
  • MIR - Mail in rebate
  • MM - Money Maker, a deal where after coupon or rebate you get overage
  • OOP - Out of pocket
  • Overage - item costs less than coupon value but the whole amount comes off your total
  • OYNO - on your next order
  • PG or P&G - Proctor & Gamble Sunday insert coupon
  • Printable - a coupon that you print from the internet
  • PSA - prices starting at
  • RC - raincheck
  • Rebate - mail in offer that refunds your money when you purchase a specific item
  • RP - Red Plum Sunday supplement coupons
  • RR - Register Reward, the name of the instant rebate or Catalina that prints from Walgreens, use it like a gift card to pay for another purchase
  • SMP - Specially marked packages
  • SS - Smart Source
  • Stacking - using more than one coupon per item
  • TMF - Try me free, a form that you mail in to receive full purchase price back
  • WYB - When you buy
  • YMMV - Your mileage may vary - the success of the attempt may vary


Ron Jung said...

I am a friend of Vivian's from GBACH. Where do you get your coupons? We get the paper and I also get them online. Have you ventured into buying them yet? I am thinking about it.

Thanks for the website!
Wendy Jung

Vivian said...

HI Wendy - several of us on this site pick up either Chicago Tribunes OR Milwaukee Sentinels - I get two every weekend. The reason being they have OVER 100 more coupons each week than our GB Press Gazette. Somewhere on this blog - I posted my actual counts comparing a GBPG to a Tribune one weekend and to a Milwaukee Sentinel the next weekend - I was shocked at the difference in coupons. The CT is $3.00 although at the PIggly Wiggly in Howard it only costs $2.50 - so for $5 I get over 200 plus coupons more...sometimes coupons are for $4 or $5 or ever $6 and that alone would pay for the paper - although most are much less than that. :))) Where did you see a place to buy them? Vivian

The Shown Family said...

Hi Wendy,

The newspaper is still a great place to get coupons but like Vivian said not necessarily our newspaper.

The Chicago Tribune is definitely best but you will still have to by a GBPG to get the ads.

I get coupons from everyone I can. Relatives, neighbors, anyone who doesn't want/use them. There are many online sites as well.

I wrote a post all about coupons here:

I should put that as a link in the side bar.

~Shelly (You know me as the stroller forgetting momma...thanks again for that!)

Ron Jung said...

Thanks for the responses, Vivian and Shelly! I'll have to pick up a Chicago Trib or two and see how I do. We get the Press Gazette delivered on the weekends for 3 months or so and then cancel it for a month. When we sign back up, they always have some good deal going. Last time we got a $20.00 gift card or something.
Is is scary that I look forward to the seeing the ads on Sundays?

Ron Jung said...

Oh yes,

The website that I have looked and then never bought from is

It seems pretty easy and straight forward, but I've never hit the "buy" button.

I've also gotten some great coupons in the last month or so after signing up for So far, they've sent me 5 1/1 coupons for Starkist tuna pouches which were on sale at Copps for 1.00 or so last week and 5 4/1 coupons for the Venus razor.