November 28, 2008

My Pillsbury Deal :)

So...last week at the Pig they had the Pillsbury Pie Crusts on sale for 1.49 - their regular price is $2.99 - so they were half off. Let me stop here and tell you that I never use them to make real pies because I make my own pie crusts but I got a terrific recipe years ago to make homemade Chicken Pot Pie - which I always make two whole pies with tops - so I need a total of 2 boxes for each "meal" that I make - although we get two nights of dinner out of them for now!
Okay - so I go to the Pig to buy some 1.49 pie crusts and what do I realize but that they all have peelie coupons attached - 1/2 of the coupons were for refrigerated cookie dough but the other 1/2 were guessed it...$1.00 off 2 pie crusts - then the Pig had a deal if you bought ANY 5 Pillsbury items you got a free butter (on sale this week for $1.69) - sooooooo.....
I bought 12 boxes of pie crusts for $1.00/box.
I have 6 more coupons, good til April, for more pie crusts.
I did two transactions and got 2 free butters.
I have until the end of January to use up my 12 boxes so we will have chicken pot pie (or turkey) every other week til they are gone!
YEAH! Vivian

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