December 26, 2008

Deals at Steve and Barry's

Steve and Barry's is going out of business and has lots of great deals. I didn't know that they had smaller size children's clothes. Jerry was able to get several shirts for our gang for less then $3 an item. They had some really nice stuff. Sizes range from infant to adult. No exchanges or refunds.

December 13, 2008

Prepare Now--CVS is doing it again!

Just a quick heads up...looks like CVS will be giving us a little early Christmas present. Here is a sneak peek!

And I just "spent" a bunch of ECBs because I didn't want them to expire! Ugh!

December 11, 2008

Rebate Troubles

It appears one of the larger companies who process rebates has filed bankruptcy. Here is a link that lists some known companies. The list however is not complete, as I had a rebate check (in the amount of $1.79) for a product called Fresh Sacks (not listed) that was affected.

The most important thing is: if you get a rebate check PLEASE verify it is not from this company BEFORE you cash the check! Associated Bank charged me an $8 fee for cashing a bad check. I called the company right away and they said they would issue me a check for the rebate amount plus my bank fee. This was about 2 weeks ago and I have yet to receive anything.

I am a bit irritated as they must have known the bankruptcy was coming and they still issued these checks. And I hope this isn't a sign of things to come and that this doesn't prevent companies from issuing rebates in the future. What strange times we are living in!

December 3, 2008

Free Music from Amazon is giving away a free song download each day from the 1st through the 25th of December. Looks like it will be a fun way to make a Christmas music CD. If you missed the previous songs you can still download them for free as well.

Speaking of, if you shop there do me a favor and click through the Amazon box on this blog or my blog. Jerry (my dh) signed up to be an Amazon Associate and gets a (very) small percentage of each purchase made through that link. It is for any product they sell, new or used. Thanks!

Walgreens spend $25 get $5

I just saw this... I haven't see Walgreens do this before. It's not a coupon. You get a $5 register reward when you spend $25. This deal ends Saturday December 6th.

Register rewards expire in 2 weeks, not one month like ECBs, so be sure and spend them before they expire!

Speaking of register rewards, they changed the wording on register rewards again so you can only use one per transaction. So if you have more than one register reward to spend, break up your order into however many transactions you need to be able to use them. If you happen to get a survey at the end of your receipt go online and fill it out and be sure to mention how inconvenient that is for both you, the customer, and the cashier.

December 1, 2008

Good News

Piggly Wiggly (at least the one in DP) is now accepting internet printable coupons up to $2 in value. I haven't tried it myself yet so I'm not sure how picky they are about it. :)