December 26, 2008

Deals at Steve and Barry's

Steve and Barry's is going out of business and has lots of great deals. I didn't know that they had smaller size children's clothes. Jerry was able to get several shirts for our gang for less then $3 an item. They had some really nice stuff. Sizes range from infant to adult. No exchanges or refunds.


ericah78 said...

Thanks for the suggestion! Decided to pop in there on Friday to see what was left. We ended up buying TONS of clothes and jackets for the entire family. We spent almost $200, but filled 7 or 8 extra large shopping bags with all of our loot. It was awesome. :-)

The Shown Family said...

Yay Erica!

We went again tonight and spent about $50 dollars and lots more shirts, several jackets, and a few pants/shorts.

Even the fixtures are for sale so if you need shelving or tables you might want to stop buy. I was looking at the shoe storage shelves, I would LOVE one of those, but it looked like most of those were already marked SOLD.