December 13, 2008

Prepare Now--CVS is doing it again!

Just a quick heads up...looks like CVS will be giving us a little early Christmas present. Here is a sneak peek!

And I just "spent" a bunch of ECBs because I didn't want them to expire! Ugh!


Vivs6kids said...

Wow - that is quite the list. Other than the big Thanksgiving freebies, I haven't been doing much CVS shopping because the deals haven't been so grand (not to mention I am stocked up on a number of items). I had a ton of ECB's to use up before Dec - what, hmmm... I need to check - I think it is the 28th. I bought a present there this week to help with that so I didn't lose mine. It was on sale but I needed a number of ECB's as well. Thanks for the heads us!!!!! Vivian

Kris K said...

Thanks Shelly!