January 27, 2009

Coupon Printing Help

If you have trouble printing a coupon you have found a link for...read this!

The Cliffs Notes version is this:
Different people use different browsers. Different browsers use different address to get coupons to print. So depending on what browser the person who posted the link to the coupon was using...you may or may not be able to get certain coupons to work because the actual URL is wrong for your browser.

Here is a link to a $1 off any Pizza Snacks I found:

See those red letters? This is where you need to fix the link depending on what browser you use.

If you use Firefox make sure your link has: wg
If you use IE make sure your link has: wi (or vi)
If you use Safari make sure your link has: xs

So if you click a link and can't get the coupon to print that is probably why. Change those two letter, hit refresh, and try again. This little tip has already helped me print several coupons I could never get to work before! I was so happy to find it!

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