February 26, 2009

Double coupons at Copps?

I'm new to shopping at Copps. Do they have a specific double coupon day? I was looking over my receipt from yesterday and it looks like they doubled all my manufacturer coupons. A nice surprise! Did I just get lucky or do they double coupons every Weds.? Thanks!

February 25, 2009

Dropping Dairy Prices

There have been a lot of great deals on dairy products lately. I'm not buying cheese now unless it's $2 a pound or less...which hasn't been hard as of late! I wish my freezer wasn't jam-packed because I'm afraid these low prices won't last long. Just like the lower gas prices though...I'll just enjoy them while they last!

Milk has been on sale quite a bit too. But I just thought I'd let you know that Aldi has milk for $1.99 right now. It's not a sale price so it can go up whenever but it's been that way for a few weeks now. It's not just the skim either...ALL their milk: whole, 2%, etc. As of yesterday, eggs are $1.08 a dozen and flour has come down as well, only $1.35 for a 5 lb. bag.

If you have never been to Aldi, stop by sometime and just check them out. Most things can be found cheaper elsewhere if you shop sales carefully and with coupons but Aldi has lots of good deals on the basics.

February 22, 2009

CVS & Walgreens deals

Today I went to CVS and Walgreens. Here are my deals. Hopefully this will help some of you newbies.


Transaction #1

I bought:
1 Renuzit Triscent - $5.49
1 Natural Dentist 16oz mouthwash/rinse - $9.99
3 Herbal Essences Shampoos - $1.17 each (clearanced)
2 pkgs Valentines clearanced $0.75 each
1 Mylanta Mint $3.65
Total before coupons = $24.14

Coupons used:
-$4 for Renuzit
-$2 Natural Dentist Internet coupon here
-$3/2 Herbal Essences shampoo
-$2 Mylanta Internet coupon (no longer available)
-$1 any shampoo, conditioner, or styling product coupon from red box
-$11.99 ECBS

Money on gift card = $0.76
Total ECBs earned = $9.00

Transaction #2 (different store)
2 Mylanta Mint $3.65 each
1 6hr instant energy drink $4.99
1 Natural Dentist 16oz mouthwash/rinse - $9.99
Total before coupons = $22.28

Less coupons:
-$4/2 Mylanta Mint
-$2 Natural Dentist Internet coupon here
$15.99 EBCs

Total on gift card = $0.64
Total ECBs earned = $14.99

Plus, I will receive a $10 rebate on the Natural Dentist here.

Recap for CVS:
Spent $27.98 in ECBs
Spent $1.40 on gift card
Earned $23.99 in ECBs
Plus, $10 rebate
Total profit = $4.61


Transaction #1
1 Gillette Fusion Gamer Razor $8.99
1 Excedrin Migrane $1.99
Total before coupons = $10.98
-$4 Gillette fusion razor coupon
-$2 Excedrin coupon here (rounded down to $1.99)
Total = $5.59 OOP

Earned $6 & $1 RR for next purchase

Transaction #2:
1 Walgreens Nutritional Drink $4 (ESR = $4)
2 Oust Air & Surface $2.99 each (ESR = $2)
2 Glade Scented Oil Refills 2/$5 (ESR = $2)
4 Hershey's Candy bars $0.89 each or 2/$1.59
1 Thermacare $2.49 (ESR=$2.49)

Total before coupons = $20.65
Less coupons:
-$2.99 Oust B1G1 coupon
-$2.50 Glade B1G1 coupon
-$0.89 x 2 Hershey's B1G1 coupon Manufacture coupon
-$1.40 Hershey's 7 day Walgreens coupon
-$7 RR earned from transaction #1
Total = $5.82

Total OOP for both transactions = $11.41
Will earn $10.49 for Easysaver Rebate (ESR) + 10% = $11.54
Total profit = $0.13

February 20, 2009

CVS Profit!

Had a good CVS run tonight thanks to the red box! Could have done better if they weren't out of the Neutrogena facial bars that were moneymakers this week, those would have increased my profit by $4 or so.

Here's my deal:
2 Colgate Total $2.99 each
2 Mylanta $3.65 each
2 Revitalift wipes 5.99 each (had raincheck for $10 ECBs wyb 2)
2 Stayfree pads $3.49 each
1 Carefree pads $4.19
1 each Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner $2.99 each

Minus manufacturers coupons:
$1 and $1.5o Colgate
$4/2 off Mylanta
$2 off x2 Revitalift
$3.49 (BOGO) Stayfree
$3/2 off Herbal Essesence

Minus CVS coupons:
$2 any Carefree
$1 any haircare
and a $5 off $30!!! Yippee!

Spent $15.98 in ECBs and $2.45 on a gift card and got back...

$29.98 in ECBs...for a profit of $11.55!!

It has officially been one year since I have spent real money out of pocket at CVS. It was last February the twins got an ear infection that earned me my first CVS gift card. Since then I have earned or been given several more and not paid any real money. I've gotten so much stuff, I can't even begin to estimate the money I have saved!!

Decent deals at Copps this week

Just did a quick post about my shopping this week over on my blog. There are some pretty good dollar deals at Copps this week, but I haven't found many sale/coupon match-ups lately. I'm still below my usual shopping budget though, so I'll keep pressing on! How is everyone else doing?

February 15, 2009

My PIg Deal

HI Ya'll - I was excited this weekend to save some money at the Piggly Wiggly. I went in to pick up milk, bread and eggs - you know how that is - and I saw that GM cereal was on sale (kind of) for 4/$10.00 and you got a milk free plus I had a $1.00 off 3 coupon that expired THAT day. I was happy. Then I saw that BC cake mixes were on sale for $1 and they are my favorite so I picked up a few when I saw the buy $20 get $5 back instantly ad. So I bought:

4 boxes of GM cereal
3 cake mixes
2 frosting containers
2 deluxe brownie mixes

for exactly $20 - then I got my $5 back, my milk free and had my $1 coupon. So I spent $11.45. I just happened to have only GM coupons in my purse but at home I probably had BCrocker coupons too - oh well.

Have a great week - I'm buying Extra laundry detergent at CVS for $1.99! Vivian

February 12, 2009


When we bought our tax prep software this year it came with a free estate planning program. We already have a will, POA, etc. Anyone want it? It's called WILLPower and the disc says: Your easy-to-use estate planning solution (for Windows 2000/XP/Vista).

February 11, 2009

No coupons this weekend

Just wanted to let you know that it looks like there will be no coupons this weekend due to it being Valentine's Day weekend, so no need to go out and get the paper.

Cereal and milk

Festival has the BIG boxes of General Mills cereal (Cheerios, Trix, Lucky Charms, etc.) on sale this week for $1.98 and with store coupon you can get a gallon of milk for $.98...use man. to use coupons to save even more! When I went last night, the little machine spit out a $2 off 5 boxes coupon so I am hoping to swing by and do the deal again before Saturday.

It's not exactly my stock up price of $1 a box but these are the bigger boxes. One of these days I'm going to figure out the price per ounce so I know a deal no matter the size of the box!

This isn't worth a special trip but you happen to be at Copps they have YoPlus yogurt four packs on sale buy one get one free. (@$2.69) If you happen to have the $1 off coupons or use the $1 printable here and use two you should be able to get two packs of yogurt (8 cups) for $.69 That is if Copps will let you use both coupons! I've never tried using two coupons on a BOGO there...any tried?

February 4, 2009

Pig Deals 2/4-2/10

1.69 milk/limit 2
1.49/3 lbs of apples (Red D or Macs)


Potential $1 profit at CVS this week

This week CVS has a 10ct. vial of Excedrin free after ECB's for 2.49. I didn't find any MC's that matched up with this, however the magic coupon machine has been giving me $1 off any Excedrin coupons the last two weeks. If anyone else has gotten these printed, make sure you use it for -$1 Excedrin, perfect for your purse, desk, etc.

Merrily Saving Along...

Just made a quick post over on my blog about my grocery spending this week. Stocking up on the best deals is really starting to pay off! I did minimal shopping for this week and only spent $32! I'm loving this.

February 3, 2009

Famous Footwear Rewards Program

Did you know Famous Footwear has a rewards program? We don't even shop there very often but we have managed to get several items free or nearly free using this program in the last couple months. My husband just signed up on a whim when he was buying a pair of shoes this summer. We keep getting coupons or "gift certificates" in the mail for $10 off ANY purchase or $20 off ANY purchase with NO minimum purchase requirements!

Whenever we get one I just send my husband to the store and he picks up a couple pair of socks...for free! Last time he didn't even pay tax...he literally walked out with his socks and didn't pay a penny! Joining is free. And like I said we don't really shop there much but it seems we have gotten plenty of "rewards" so far!

Here is the info from their website:

Why become a Rewards member?

* Free membership
* Earn Rewards certificates up to $25 each
* Receive a $5 coupon in the mail just for joining
* Get another $5 coupon if you join Rewards online
* Exclusive benefits: Members-only discounts, Special event invitations, Advance notice of sales

Gold membership
Spend $200 or more with us annually, and we’ll automatically upgrade you to Gold! Gold members receive all the regular Rewards benefits, plus:

* Earn 15 points for every dollar spent (example: spend $50, earn 750 points)
* Receive a special birthday gift

How does Rewards work?

* Earn 10 points for every dollar spent (example: spend $50, earn 500 points)
* Start with 500 points just for signing up
* Receive another 500 points for providing your email address when you sign up
* Get an extra 250 points for choosing to receive your certificates by email
* Get 1,000 extra bonus points for spending $100 or more in one transaction.

So you might want to give it a try! Here is the link.

February 2, 2009

Free Pizza Snacks

Copps has the Pizza Snacks on sale $10 for 10 this week. Be sure and use the $1 off coupon here to get at least one free box. There were coupons in the paper and there are additional printable at Betty Crocker and BoxTops.

In My Mailbox

My mailbox was stuffed with freebies today! I got a little box of goodies from Ziploc including several bags and a container from Right @ Home, a free pair of Hanes underwear (I won them playing a contest on the Hanes website), and several free product coupons: one 2L of diet Dr. Pepper, one can of Del Monte tomatoes, and a package of kids nutritional drinks. Heather at Freebies4Moms posts all sorts of freebies and easy to win contests daily.

This didn't arrive in my mailbox...yet! But I got an email telling me I won a "Carrier" bag in a blog giveaway today! That was a pleasant surprise for an otherwise uneventful Monday!! I had my choice of ten fabric combinations. I ended up choosing the one pictured here:

February 1, 2009

Target Deals


***THIS DEAL IS NOW DEAD...Target changed their coupons***

I stopped at Target yesterday to get a few good deals. I thought I'd post about it since the deals use mostly internet printables and last until mid-February.

Ocean Spray Light ($1.99)--using $1 Target printable and $1 off printables here. Ocean Spray "Light" only---the Target on GV does have these. You can print as many Target coupons as you want but limit one per transaction. (I've heard they will let you use more than one but didn't try it.) Print 2 man. coupons and there were also $1 off coupons in the 1/11 RP. I've done this deal twice now and hope to do it two more times!

Kashi cereal bars
--if you got the mailers from Vocal Point and/or Kashi you should have "free box" coupons and several $2 off coupons. These are on "price cut" at Target through mid-February making them free or $.75 per box. There are $2 printables here. Just in case you didn't get the mailers...and if you didn't be sure and sign up with Vocal Point!

Yoplait Light
yogurt cups--$1 off eight Target coupon here and $1 off four printables here. There are $.40 off four coupons from the paper. That's $.17 per yogurt!