February 26, 2009

Double coupons at Copps?

I'm new to shopping at Copps. Do they have a specific double coupon day? I was looking over my receipt from yesterday and it looks like they doubled all my manufacturer coupons. A nice surprise! Did I just get lucky or do they double coupons every Weds.? Thanks!


Shelly said...

Only on Wednesdays, up to $2 coupons, limit of five coupons, and you must spend over $25.

Not the greatest double coupon policy but at least it's something. :)

ericah78 said...

Well, I will be sure to do my Copps shopping on Weds. from now on! I saved an extra $3.20 that I didn't even realize, so that's good enough for me! I didn't think any of the stores up here did double coupons.

Shelly said...

You can find a list of good Copps deals here:

She posts the best sale/coupon matchups for each week.

Theresa can answer this one but I think you have to give the 5 you want doubled FIRST. Anything after that won't be doubled. Is that right Theresa?