February 3, 2009

Famous Footwear Rewards Program

Did you know Famous Footwear has a rewards program? We don't even shop there very often but we have managed to get several items free or nearly free using this program in the last couple months. My husband just signed up on a whim when he was buying a pair of shoes this summer. We keep getting coupons or "gift certificates" in the mail for $10 off ANY purchase or $20 off ANY purchase with NO minimum purchase requirements!

Whenever we get one I just send my husband to the store and he picks up a couple pair of socks...for free! Last time he didn't even pay tax...he literally walked out with his socks and didn't pay a penny! Joining is free. And like I said we don't really shop there much but it seems we have gotten plenty of "rewards" so far!

Here is the info from their website:

Why become a Rewards member?

* Free membership
* Earn Rewards certificates up to $25 each
* Receive a $5 coupon in the mail just for joining
* Get another $5 coupon if you join Rewards online
* Exclusive benefits: Members-only discounts, Special event invitations, Advance notice of sales

Gold membership
Spend $200 or more with us annually, and we’ll automatically upgrade you to Gold! Gold members receive all the regular Rewards benefits, plus:

* Earn 15 points for every dollar spent (example: spend $50, earn 750 points)
* Receive a special birthday gift

How does Rewards work?

* Earn 10 points for every dollar spent (example: spend $50, earn 500 points)
* Start with 500 points just for signing up
* Receive another 500 points for providing your email address when you sign up
* Get an extra 250 points for choosing to receive your certificates by email
* Get 1,000 extra bonus points for spending $100 or more in one transaction.

So you might want to give it a try! Here is the link.

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