February 2, 2009

In My Mailbox

My mailbox was stuffed with freebies today! I got a little box of goodies from Ziploc including several bags and a container from Right @ Home, a free pair of Hanes underwear (I won them playing a contest on the Hanes website), and several free product coupons: one 2L of diet Dr. Pepper, one can of Del Monte tomatoes, and a package of kids nutritional drinks. Heather at Freebies4Moms posts all sorts of freebies and easy to win contests daily.

This didn't arrive in my mailbox...yet! But I got an email telling me I won a "Carrier" bag in a blog giveaway today! That was a pleasant surprise for an otherwise uneventful Monday!! I had my choice of ten fabric combinations. I ended up choosing the one pictured here:

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