February 4, 2009

Potential $1 profit at CVS this week

This week CVS has a 10ct. vial of Excedrin free after ECB's for 2.49. I didn't find any MC's that matched up with this, however the magic coupon machine has been giving me $1 off any Excedrin coupons the last two weeks. If anyone else has gotten these printed, make sure you use it for -$1 Excedrin, perfect for your purse, desk, etc.


Shelly said...

There is a $2 off printable for Excedrin here:

Use it with the red box coupon to make $3!!!

ericah78 said...

When I printed that coupon it was for Excedrin Migraine 24ct. or larger, so it wouldn't work for this deal. Does it print differently for you?

Shelly said...

I'll have to go check to see what mine printed out. I thought it was ANY but I could be wrong. Bummer!

I have a MC for $1 off but I KNOW that one says 20 ct. or more.

Now I really hope the red box gives me a coupon! :)