April 30, 2009

May Home Depot Kids Workshop

It's that time again!! Saturday May 2, 2009 from 9am to Noon. Free! No registration required.

April 27, 2009

Dollar Stores

Found an interesting article about dollar stores on MSN Money today. Click here if you want to read it. It tells a bit about which items are good deals and which are duds.

Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program=FREE Book!

Here's How It Works:
1. Kids read any eight (8) books of their own choosing.
2. Kids use the Summer Reading Journal to tell us their favorite part of each book. A parent/guardian signs the journal when it's complete. You can also get a Spanish-language Reading Journal.
3. Children bring their completed Reading Journal to a Barnes & Noble store between May 26th & September 7th, 2009.
4. We'll give them a coupon for a FREE book! They choose from a list of exceptional paperback titles.*

For grades 1-6.

For more information and the journal to fill out click here.

April 22, 2009

I Heart Double Coupon Day

Check out my blog for the results of my shopping trip today using some of the deals I listed in my last post!!

April 20, 2009

Copps deals for 4/22

This is the first time I’m doing this… I figured out some great deals for double coupon day, so I’m going to share them in advance. I’m going to do two transactions this week so I can double 10 $1.00 coupons. This Sunday we did something we haven’t done in a while; get three newspapers. We have our subscription to the Press-Gazette, then we stopped at gas stations on our way down to visit my family and picked up a Journal-Sentinel and Tribune. I’m so glad we did, as having multiple copies of coupons is going to pay off big this week at Copps. Here are the deals I found…

  1. Birds Eye Steamfresh, 4/$5 - (2) $1.00/2 MC (doubled) = 4/$1.00
  2. GE CF bulbs, 2/$3 - (2) $1.00 MC (doubled) = FREE plus $1 overage
  3. Grande tortilla chips, 2/$5 - (2) $1.00 MC (doubled) = 2/$1
  4. Lawry’s taco seasoning, $0.49 x 2 = $0.98 - $0.50/2 MC (doubled) = FREE
  5. S&W beans, 5/$4, buy two for $1.60 - BOGO MC = 2/ $0.80
  6. BC Warm Delights, 2/$3 - $1/2 MC (doubled) = 2/$1 (this coupon not from Sunday’s paper)

They also have a GM cereal sale; buy 5 boxes at regular price, get $5 off plus a free milk coupon. Get some cereal coupons online to make this a good deal, plus don’t forget about the Win Cash promotion on specially marked boxes. I won a $5 card in my Lucky Charms last week, which will be used to help pay for this week’s groceries. I’m also getting several other sale items. There are a lot of good $1 items this week. I figured out my two transactions so they are both over $25 before coupons and I can double like crazy. I’ll let you know how my totals end up on Weds. Happy shopping!!

April 17, 2009

beechnut & copps

Hello Shelly

Went to Copps on Wed. & found out they now carry Beechnut brand baby food. Which I & my boys luv. Also they have B1G1 free coupon on the oatmeal cereal which can be used for any of the beechnut cereals.

Amanda Haigh

April 15, 2009

Copps Deal List

I don't know if I mentioned this before...sorry if I have!

If you are looking for a good deal list for Copps double coupon Wednesday's...I recommend you check out Common Sense with Money every Wednesday morning. There is a list with coupon match ups to help you get ideas of what you can get free or cheap with double coupons. Sure wish we could double more than 5 coupons. I rarely spend enough to do two transactions at Copps but if you know you'll be spending more than $50 break it into two transactions so you can double 10 coupons instead of five!

April 14, 2009

Get paid to buy cereal...maybe!

They are starting to show up in stores. They are reported to be for sure at Festival, and possibly at Copps. If you see boxes from General Mills cereals that are marked "You could win cash", please be sure to buy these boxes if you are buying that kind of cereal. Both Shelly and I have won money. I received a $10 Discover card and Shelly received $5 in hers. 1 in 10 boxes is a winner! You could win $5, $10 or $25 cash card. Let us know if you win!

Here is a picture of the box I won in.

April 13, 2009

Kmart Doubles

Rumor has it the GB area stores will be participating in the next round of Kmart Super Doubles next week (April 19-25). Peek around in your coupons and let us know if you come up with any great deals! (Remember they double up to and including $2 coupons!!)

April 9, 2009

Holiday Weekend

Just a friendly reminder:

There will be NO coupons in this week's paper!

Hope you all have a great Easter!

Free All Bran Product

Just in case you missed it on another site. There is a rebate (up to $4.99) for Kellogg's All Bran products here. Coupons came out last weekend for $.70 off so that will pay your tax and postage plus put a few pennies in your pocket. I got a sample of the drink mix (lemonade) and recommend those. I was skeptical but they are really good. Free is makes everything taste better!

April 7, 2009

My CVS Run on April 6th

I paid them $10.95 cash and got $26 back in ECB's plus I get to fill out a rebate for $10 for the mouth rinse. YEAH!

I had 3 - $5 huggies coupons, 2 - .25 Dawn coupons, 3- $1 Mentos coupons, 1 - $2 Excedrin coupon, 1- .75 Colgate coupon, and 5 other coupons listed as either $1 or $2 but I can't remember what was for what - something doesn't add up but I did have two Nivea coupons. Now, if you just read this, I'm sure you are chuckling :) Oh well, old age!

I also used $27 in ECB's and $9.19 on my CVS card (which i used up :( ).

I paid full price for the spice (.88) and the antifungal cream (6.99).

So - anyway, I was happy. If you are reading this post and wondering why I am buying diapers - no, I'm not pregnant, I decided I needed some cheap shower presents since we don't have income presently. :)

Thanks for all the tips and tricks that help me keep saving money for my family.

April 6, 2009

CVS Quarterly ECB

The CVS quarterly ECBs are printing. I put a little poll off to the right here to ask how much you earned. The poll is anonymous and just for fun! So what did you earn???

April 3, 2009

April Kids Workshop

The days are long but the years are short! Why does is seem like we just were at Home Depot yesterday? Yep, it's already been a month! Can you believe it, it's that time again...Home Depot Kids Workshop is tomorrow. No registration. Just stop by anytime between 9am and noon.