August 13, 2010

Pinecone Research--Now Accepting!!

Pinecone Research is accepting again! Click here for the link. (If you have tried before and not gotten accepted, try again... there is a very good chance that if you keep trying you will eventually get in!) Pinecone is one of the better survey companies out there. They pay $3 per survey. You take a survey and about a week later you get a check for $3 (or they will deposit to PayPal).


ericah78 said...

Since getting accepted, I still haven't been sent a survey. Waiting (im)patiently... ;-)

The NEW Mommiez Blend said...

I have been a member since the end of June and I have cashed three checks ($3 each) and was sent a top secret item to test out at my house. Looks like I get to keep it too as there was no mention of how to send it back. I am really liking this. I've done other survey sites and they seem to be 30 minute surveys that take forever to reach a chash out point. And half of them you don't actually qualify for even after 10 minutes of survey time in. I think it took a few weeks before I was sent a survey. So far so good! :)