July 15, 2010

Pink Flamingo Festivities

The Pink Flamingo Softball Tournament is this weekend at Legion Park in DePere. It's a lot of fun! You're bound to see someone you know and the food is good (and cheap!). There is a 5K run on Saturday morning and a free concert on Saturday night.

Even if you don't go to the actual tournament you might want to go to the parade on Saturday morning. It is a short parade, made up of the tournament team floats, and they throw TONS of candy! Seriously, bring a bucket for each kid. The parade starts at 9am at East DePere High School and ends at Legion Park. You can sit anywhere along the parade route.

In addition to throwing candy, it is a tradition for the teams on the floats to have water fights with spectators. Kids, especially the boys, really enjoy this! Don't worry they will not (usually) fire unless fired upon. Just try and keep your candy dry. :)

Here is a link to the PF website with more information.

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