August 21, 2010

Free Digital Scrapbooking Program!

Just in case you missed this going around... you can download a FREE digital scrapbooking program called Scrapbook Artist from Amazon (retail value $49). This download is available until September 30th.


Anonymous said...

Is this free right from Amazon? I tried linking to it tonight, and at Amazon it says it is unavailable.

Vivian Lawyer said...

I saw the same thing on Amazon about it being unavailable. There is a free scrapbooking software download always available through Creative Memories at this address. If you copy and paste, it should take your right to the exact page where the download is available. A more sophisticated option is available for purchase but this one lets you get started without the cost of the software. I have used both. Vivian|136|239|&pageTitle=FREE+StoryBook+Creator+3.0+Software+Download&relatedItem=N&qtyOrdered=&productId=&itemSku=&act=&selectedCategory=240

Shelly said...

Not sure why they pulled it? Amazon is usually great about their freebie downloads. Perhaps they hit a limit of some kind and decided to end the deal early.