August 10, 2010

Office Max: MaxPerks

MaxPerks has been offering some great back to school deals (ex: free backpacks, paper, binders, etc.), but there has been some confusion on who can take part in these deals. I had been told that it was only for businesses and teachers (homeschoolers included) so I didn't really want to share these great deals knowing so many of you probably couldn't take advantage of them anyway. And I definitely didn't want to encourage anyone to sign up saying they were one or the other when they were not.

When someone mentioned to me last week that they were able to get a card even though they weren't a teacher or business I thought I'd email Office Max directly and find out for sure. After all there are some great deals to be had! I'm happy to report that Office Max finally got back to me today and this is what they said:
Yes, you may get a MaxPerks card all you have to do is choose the Business card. We do not distinguish business or individual. We use the same card for either business or individual. Please go to to apply for your MaxPerks card. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

So there you have it. MaxPerks is for everyone. If you are not a teacher (or homeschooler) then sign up under the business part of MaxPerks to take advantage of these great deals!

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