September 19, 2010

Click for Cans

Campbell's Click for Cans has started. So take a minute to vote each day for your favorite team. While you're there you can print $5 in coupons!

Each team gets 1,000 cans of soup, but division champs get an additional 12,000. The winner gets 5,000 more for a total of 18,000 cans. The Packers have won this for the past 8 years! That's a LOT of soup for our local food banks! No matter how the Pack plays we can always win this "Souper Bowl".

To see how the Packers are doing, click on "Match Ups". Either word has not gotten out in some NFL cities or Packer fans are the best because we out click every most teams by almost 20,000 clicks! You can vote once each day... I'll put a little Click for Cans button in the sidebar to make it easy to click over and vote!

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