September 1, 2010

What is a Good Deal for Toilet Paper?

Over the years I've gotten deals on just about every item I buy. One thing that always eludes me as far as deals go is toilet paper. Thanks to having mostly boys, we don't go through as much of it as some, but it is still (obviously) a MUST have!

We used to just buy the big box of generic toilet paper of Sam's Club. We are not brand loyal for toilet paper. Of course, we prefer certain brands over others but considering what we're going to be using it for, we're really not that picky. If it's a particularly low quality brand I just put it in the boys bathroom and get a better brand for my bathroom! :) But we decided against renewing our Sam's Club membership, so our old standby is no longer an option.

I recently came across this great blog post to help you figure out when you've found a good deal on toilet paper. Toilet paper is one of those things that is hard to compare price-wise due to such huge differences in packaging. Unit cost comparison (cost per square foot) really comes in to play when buying paper products.

Go read the post, but the main points are: $.01 per square foot is a great deal and look at the TOTAL package square footage (not roll) when comparing. Here's the fun part: To easily figure this out look at the package square footage and make it into a dollar amount (656 square feet = $6.56) and if the package cost is equal to or less than that amount then it's a good deal!

Where do you buy toilet paper? What do you consider a good TP deal?


Amanda H. said...

Thanks! I will check that out. TP is the hardest thing for me to wrap my head around as far as price goes. I did luck out though and our local grocery store had the Small Steps TP on sale for $1 for a 4pk. This was just as the $1 off coupons were about to expire, so I was able to stock up on it for free.

Wendy Jung said...

Brilliant - turning the sq ft into a dollar amount! I don't want to know how much time I've wasted in stores trying to figure out what was the best deal.