November 13, 2010

CVS Black Friday Deals

In case you are interested, MoneySavingMom posted a list of CVS Black Friday deals. LOTS of free items!! You might want to print off a few coupons and get ready now. A quick morning run to CVS before heading to grandma's for Thanksgiving dinner has become a tradition at our house.

Have you noticed the CVS deal posts have been missing here on GB Savers for a couple months? Time for a little confession: The deals have been so slow that I haven't been to CVS since August.

Thanks to a very full stockpile I haven't bought one tube of toothpaste or bottle of shampoo in the mean time. Every once in awhile it's nice to take a break from the deals! However, my stockpile is starting to dwindle and I've recently earned a few CVS gift cards... so be on the look out for CVS deal lists again soon.

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